Summer Bucket List for Families

Summer Bucket List for Families
Summer is right around the corner! We are ready for sunny days, warm evenings, and endless opportunities for adventure! For families, this is the perfect time to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, thrills, or looking to make the most of these long summer days, we’ve got the ultimate Summer Bucket List to help! Join us as we work our way through this list with 50+ ideas that will be sure to bring unforgettable experiences tailored for the whole family!
Watermelon eating contest
Homemade popsicles
Float a lazy river
Waterballoon volleyball
Roast marshmallows
Sunset picnic
Device free weekend (music only)
Cook an egg on the sidewalk
Create a dance routine
Make a fort
Ice cream before dinner
Go to a baseball game
Outdoor movie night 
Stay in PJ’s all day
Drink frozen lemonade
Family slumber party
Create a chalk city
Paper airplane contest
Finger painting
Underwater photos
Giant bubbles
Berry picking
Paint rocks
Plant flowers or garden
Bike ride
Scavenger hunt walk
Library reading time
Visit the zoo
Stargaze in nature
Concert at the park
Go mini golfing
Matinee movie
Visit a national park
Fly kites
Watch fireworks
Family weekend with NO chores or plans
Take out at the park
Homemade pizza night
Roast starbursts and other candy
Family matching swimsuits
Race tiny boats at the lake
Slip n Slide
Make jam
Decorate or tie-dye family shirts
Go fishing
Visit a community garden
Glow in the dark dance party
Go to a state fair
Go to the rodeo
Movie marathon
Make apple pie
Host a BBQ and invite neighbors
Make homemade popcorn
Road Trip to the nearest city you’ve never been to
Visit local museum
What else would you add to this bucket list?? Let us know in the comments!
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