Staycation Ideas

Staycation Ideas - Kortni Jeane
Staycation Ideas

We’re spending more and more time cozied up inside as these cooler months approach. With the pandemic still affecting us, a tropical getaway seems unlikely but don’t despair! We’re craving a little staycation! How about you!? Staycations are an easy, inexpensive, and stress-free way to relax, bond with the family, and create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved! If you’ve got the travel bug or are looking to switch things up, give these ideas a try! 

1. Find the best view of your town or city

Sometimes we forget to really take in the sites of our very own hometowns! It's time to do a little research and find what the best view of your town or city is. Whether it's a long-time favorite hangout spot or a newly discovered gem, it's fun to explore your home and make the most out of where you live. Maybe it's a rooftop restaurant or a hike you've never explored. Pack some blankets and get a pizza to go and make a night out of it!

2. Try a new cuisine

Some nights cooking sounds like a drag and with so many restaurant restrictions in place, Doordash has been a lifesaver! To really take things to the next level, try a brand new cuisine! Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Greek, what will it be!? Choose something you've never tried before to transport you somewhere new. Don't hesitate to add in some of their tried and true specialties, you never know when you'll find a new favorite!

3. Try a new physical activity

Have you noticed how many people are taking up sports like pickleball, croquet, and spikeball? People are spending more and more time learning to play with family and friends and we're here for it! Try looking at nearby clubhouses and rec centers to find what sports are available. Then plan your Saturday around it! Invite some friends to a tournament, watch Youtube videos to learn techniques, and set up space in your backyard for these new activities. There's no time like the present to take up a new lifetime sport!

4. Movie marathon

We've all had movie marathons am I right!? Why not plan a staycation around it? You can make it a theme like Harry Potter, kid-friendly Halloween movies, or even Jane Austen dramas. There's nothing more relaxing than knowing you have nothing planned for the day except staying in your PJ's and hanging out with the fam. Add some themed snacks into the mix, quiz each other on your knowledge of the series, or even dress up! The skies the limit with movie marathons!

Staycation Ideas

 5. Camp in your own backyard

When's the last time you set up camp in your own backyard? For a lot of us we haven't done it since we were kids! It's totally stress-free - no worries about packing all of the right food, clothes, and gear, it's all just a few steps away! If it's getting too chilly to camp outside, set up indoors. Complete your "campsite" with homemade s'mores, twinkle lights for stars, and all of the pillows and blankets you can find. What's next? Scary ghost stories, an indoor movie, a dutch oven dinner, you name it! These memories are unforgettable!

6. Make a fancy dinner

Will it be a picnic in Tuscany or a night in Paris? You choose! Making a fancy dinner, especially one from another countries' cuisine, is a great way to mix things up, learn new cooking skills, and travel with your palette. Start by researching new recipes you'd like to try. If they are more time-consuming or difficult than your usual weekday meals, don't be afraid! This is a staycation and it's all about the experience! Plan ahead to visit local markets for the freshest and best quality ingredients. The theme, number of courses, and guests are up to you! It could be a romantic Parisian night for two or homemade sushi bowls for the whole family. Kids especially love getting involved in the cooking and playing waiter/waitress for this! What faraway places will this dinner take you?

7. Host a board game tournament

Board games are our jam! Maybe you're obsessed with a new game or maybe you need some of our favorite board game suggestions. Whatever level you are, this can be a blast! We suggest inviting some friends or family over to participate in person or via zoom. This creates more players and more options for the ultimate "tournament" element of this staycation. Get out all of the games you own and make a list. This can be a "March Madness" type bracket or a point system, whatever suits you. Decide on a prize for the winner and get started! These games can get intense but in all it creates some of the best memories!

8. At home spa night

Sounds nice right!? Creating a spa experience in your very own home not only saves money, but also allows the kids to get involved. Get the essential oil diffusers going, treat yourself to face masks and at-home skin exfoliants, make a DIY milk bath, and give massages all around. It's time to relax and practice the ultimate self-care the best way we know how!
Staycation Ideas

 8. In-Home Workout retreat

Are you missing out on your workout retreat this year? You can plan your very own staycation bootcamp! Whether it's a yoga + meditation retreat or aerobic exercise retreat complete with pilates, Zumba, and High Fit, you can customize this weekend to be just for you! As always, the kids can join too! Some of our favorite exercise gurus are @meg_miles and @jesspugmire. They have great moves for quick and effective routines and are especially great for young moms. In addition, check out Youtube for the types of classes you're interested in. This could be your weekend to give all of those new forms of exercise a try!

9. Cultural theme day

What's a destination you've always wanted to travel to? Why not plan a cultural day or week around it!? We're talking clothes, food, books, movies, you name it! You could learn all about Japanese culture for the week by cooking Japanese cuisine, ordering a book about Japan, planning a future vacation there, and watching educational movies about it. There are endless activities to celebrate every unique culture! Best of all, this is a great learning experience for kids and they'll remember it for years to come! So where will you be traveling for the week? Will it be Germany? Thailand? Maybe Australia? There are no restrictions!

10. Take an online cooking class + have a bake off

Did you know you can take online cooking classes? Sign up for an evening of virtual fun and learn how to make something new! You can perfect your Italian pasta sauce recipe or channel your inner British Baking Show pâtissier. Invite friends or family to join in on a "bake off" if you can. Who wouldn't want to taste test all of these delicacies? Yum!

11. Visit a Local Pool or Resort

Nothing says staycation like swimming at your favorite local pools! Whether you're hot tubbing on the deck or braving the waterslides at your local resort, you know how to vacation the right way! Swimming with the family just never gets old! As these colder months approach, don't be afraid to make a new experience of it! Some of our favorite memories are made hot tubbing in the snowfall or cozying up in hotel robes after a long day of exploring the indoor waterpark. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, so just have fun with it and don't forget your swimmers!


What's your staycation of choice? We're excited to give these a try, whether it's with family and friends or solo. You can't go wrong with these unique weekend experiences! 
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