Sand Dunes Photoshoot

Sand Dunes Photoshoot - Kortni Jeane

Back in May, we attempted to go to one of our dream locations to shoot our new swimmers line, but the weather had other plans. 🌦 After waiting out the rain, we ended up getting some gorgeous shots on the way home in places we would've never discovered without the spontaneous change of plans. You can read all about that adventure here. Now, a couple of months later, we made it!

These sand dunes are a hidden gem in Utah! We'd heard about them, but never made the drive to see what this place had in store, and we were so happy we did! About 2 hours from our offices, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, is Little Sahara Recreation Area. While most people come here to ride ATVs and camp, we came with swimmers + props to make some magic!
Sand Dunes photoshoot
In Utah we're not used to so much sand, so the mountains of sand were a dream come true! Little Sahara consists of miles of sagebrush, scattered juniper trees, and gorgeous sand dunes, and we all know sand calls for swimmers! Our Limitless Collection swimmers fit in perfectly with the desert landscape and made for some unique photo ops we wouldn't have found anywhere else.Sand Dunes Photoshoot

We brought along our pool floats to ride the dunes like waves. Who else has always wanted to try that? ✋🏻 One of our favorite props we brought along was our rainbow blow up float. We just can't resist bringing rainbows with us everywhere, and this made for a perfect splash of color within the sandy backdrop. The only thing we're missing is a pool! Maybe next time we'll have to bring one along for an unforgettable party!

Sand Dunes photoshoot

Exploring new places in our swimmers is one of our favorite things! We love living in Utah, surrounded by mountains, lakes, red rock, and even sand dunes!  Comment down below where you think we should head to next!  👇🏻 Until then, we'll be dreaming up more ideas!
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