Styled Photoshoot with @janaekristen

Styled Photoshoot with @janaekristen - Kortni Jeane

@janaekristen + Kortni Jeane styled photoshoot

This is a behind-the-scenes that you won't want to miss. It's story time ladies and gentleman!
We had the perfect photoshoot planned for our Stars + Stripes Collection launch and boy were we excited! If you're a Utah local, you know it doesn't rain a whole lot here, so the month of May came with a shock when it rained almost every single day! When the week of our long-awaited photoshoot arrived, we were blessed with sunshine and clear skies. So we headed to our dreamy location ready for some fun in the sun. Things started to look a little gloomy, but we were still hopeful for clear skies. The moment we arrived the clouds dumped (and I mean dumped) rain. We decided to wait it out and we are so glad we did! After the storm, we created a little magic with a completely different photoshoot than we originally planned. 

@janaekristen + Kortni Jeane styled photoshoot

 We were miles from the nearest town in the middle of nowhere, yet our photographer @janaekristen was ready for adventure! It was far from swimsuit weather, but our models were real champs as they headed out to make the best of this crazy day. We were thrilled with how well the orange tint in our cashew brown swimmers went with the green fields and landscape behind. And best of all, we're getting major Jasmine and Rajah vibes over here with our new favorite float ever!

@janaekristen + Kortni Jeane styled photoshoot

Fields weren't the end of @janaekristen's creativity! With no cars for miles, the highway made the perfect scene for the next few shots! Nothing says summer like a road trip! The girls rocked their red, white + blue swimmers with style in front of a classic American backdrop. Now they have us all dreaming of road-tripping to the West Coast in our swimmers! 

@janaekristen + Kortni Jeane styled photoshoot

Janae gave us a splash of color with a little pattern on pattern featuring our new black floral print. We're getting loads of questions about how to style the Tied-up Top like this, so check out our video to learn how to style this top 3 ways!@janaekristen + Kortni Jeane styled photoshoot

To send you off, watch this video created by our very own @sierrasummit_ to get a little sneak peak into the lives of the creative team + to see how @janaekristen created pure magic with just roads, fields, floats, + swimmers!
We learned that sometimes when things don't go as planned it really does turn out better than you could've ever imaged! Stay tuned to find out what our dream photoshoot location was. We'll be heading back for some sand and sun soon!
Kortni Jeane + Team


  • Melea (@melea’s world) on

    I absolutely love the color combo of this shoot with the clouded sky and green fields. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Where in the middle of nowhere did you shoot this?!?! It’s so pretty for the colors of this collection.

  • Sonya Servin on

    love hearing the story behind it!! The video was perfect!!

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