Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match!

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match! - Kortni Jeane

Our biggest sale EVER is coming up and we're here to help you mix n' match the swimmer of your dreams! There are endless options! How oh how do we choose? We're bringing you a few of our favorite combos from this past year, from the Fruity Collection through Take Me to the Tropics. It's all here! 👇🏼

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

Our new Tropical Floral from Take Me to the Tropics has been an instant hit! Who knew it would pair perfectly with Pink Hearts from our Limitless Collection? The dark + light pinks play off of each other and this pattern on pattern is one of our new favorites! With bold floral and subtle pink hearts you can't go wrong!

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

If you're a fan of golden tones like we are, this is your duo! The golden bronze coloring in Pineapple brings out the Tigers dark stripes without overwhelming the eye with too much pattern (although can you really ever have too much!?) The Tiger print is from our Jungle Collection and Pineapple is an exclusive KJ birthday print. Like all prints + colors, once it's gone it's gone! So snag your match while you can!Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

How fun is this one!? Stars + Stripes hasn't been seen in a while, but we're bringing it back for the biggest sale of the year! Abstract Dot is a mix of pink, navy blue, and white. While the blue in it isn't an exact match to the Turtles, there's no mistaking that these two pair fabulously together. What's the secret ingredient? The Turtles have a subtle pink rim around their shell, making it the perfect addition to Abstract Dot's pink palette.Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

Did you miss our Zoo Animals Collection sold in exclusive stores throughout the year? Now's your chance to snag these fun patterns! Zoo Animals will be making an appearance now and only now. This bright pattern with a neutral is just what we need...enter Plus! Our Plus pattern from Stars + Stripes is one of the best neutrals of the year. It truly pairs with anything and we're here for it! This combo is bright and fun. Think circus animal cookie am I right!?Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

These cool tones are stunning! Ribbed Milky Blue from The Limitless Collection is gorgeous on everyone so you really can't go wrong. If you're a mint green fan this is your match! Mint Bowls is making a comeback from The Jungle Collection, just in time to pair with gorgeous solids like Ribbed Milky Blue.

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

Another perfect floral combo 😍 It's the best feeling when you discover a new mix n' match combo and this does not disappoint! The Island Floral hails from our Encore Collection, bringing all of those bright green vibes. The blues are subtle in the Island Floral, yet just enough to make these look like they were made for each other! This specific shade of Navy comes from the Zoo Animals Collection. And yes, it does pair with everything! It's truly a staple!

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match!

Stars + Stripes is coming in hot again! These Blue Stars have the prettiest blueish-purple tint. Paired with Golden from our Fruity Collection, it's a winning combo! Mix up the Fourth of July swimmer with this blue and orange. This golden color is definitely trending and we don't see it going out of style any time soon!

Raspberries from The Fruity Collection are back one more time to bring all of your fruity dreams to life! They pair well with any green, especially our Basic Collection green. This solid green is has a slightly yellow tint, matching the light green on the raspberry leaves, so you can't go wrong! Plus, check the price on these ones. You're not going to want to miss it! 😱Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

We can't forget these solid on solid combos! Starting off with Burnt Lime, the magical color that mixes the perfect amount of bright green and yellow for a shade that makes your tan pop! Paired with the prettiest Forever Blue from our Stars + Stripes Collection, you've got yourself a bold swimsuit made to last through every season, style, and trend!

Sale Swimmers Mix n' Match

Last of all, Making Lemonade solids were to die for, including this Light Orange. It's a must have for summer! Pair this color with Ribbed Teal from the Encore Collection and you've got a unique color combo that's sure to be your statement swimmer. Can we say gorgeous! 😍

Wowza we've got some good options! All of these will be available during the sale, but act fast! They won't last long! For more sale tips + tricks, sizing information, and reminders check out our latest blog post to learn more. Happy shopping!

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    When’s the next sale?

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    When’s the sale exactly? I can’t find any other links or info on it and I would like to buy the golden top and stars bottoms!!!

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