Retro Shorties for Men, Youth, & Mini's!

Retro Shorties for Men, Youth, & Mini's! - Kortni Jeane
Kortni Jeane Retro shorts for men youth and minis Our newest style for all the men, youth, and mini boys in your life is in! With the launch of The Fruity Collection, we wanted to make sure we created a new style that our men could all match in, so we designed our Retro Shorties with all the men in your life in mind. These darling retro styled shorts bring all the style and comfort required for your boys to swim care-free!
adjustable waistband
Kortni Jeane retro shorties
One of our favorite things about the retro shorts is that they have an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring. The elastic waistband adds a whole other level of comfort while also making the shorts easy to take on and off. The tie drawstring in front keeps them in place for swimming, like a double protection against loosing your trunks. It's also good for thinner boys who need the extra drawstring to pull the waistband just a bit tighter and ensure security.
retro styled shorties
Kortni Jeane retro shorties
These swim shorts are unique from our swim trunks and regular swimming shorts because they are a couple of inches shorter and they also have a perfect detail scoop on the side with piping detail all along the bottom. This adds the fun retro look that we love. This style pairs perfectly with our high-waisted swimsuits because they both bring a sense of that darling retro style that we're obsessed with over here. So, whether you're looking to match with your boyfriend, your husband, or your son, this is the perfect choice!
comfortable stretch
Kortni Jeane retro shorties
The Retro Shorties fabric has a comfortable stretch so your men won't have to slow down their fun. The shape is wider than our regular shorts, allowing you to move around more freely. This is perfect for your men running along the beach and holding their minis without having to worry about the restriction of thick fabric without any give. This breathable fabric also keeps you cool, which is crucial for long days in the sun. As an added bonus, there are also two pockets in front and one in back. 
lined and ready to play
Kortni Jeane retro shorties
These shorts include nude lining on the interior that has the same comfortable stretch of the exterior fabric. We wanted to make sure our men could match their minis just like our darling moms do, so the Retro Shorts come in sizes 2/3-6/7 for mini men, 8/9-12/13 for youth, and small - XXL for men.
 Will these be your boys new favorites? We think so! Tag us on Instagram @kortnijeane and show us all of your matching men!
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