Rainy Day Bucket List

Rainy Day Bucket List - Kortni Jeane

Rainy Day Bucket List

We’re all too familiar with the transition between winter and spring. You are stuck inside, yet again, due to the latest rainstorms or flu season. Whatever your situation, being inside doesn’t need to be an all-day drag! There are many fun activities at your finger-tips! Here are some entertaining ideas to keep you busy during the days that you’ve just gotta stay home for: 

1. Plan Your Summer Vacation

  • When’s a better time to get excited for summer vacation? While you’re inside and have some downtime, start checking out websites, IG accounts, and magazines that will help you plan a future getaway with loved ones. If you’re feeling really adventurous, plan your summer vacations for the next couple of years! 

2. Make Awesome Meals

  • You’re no longer running out the door from one place to the next, so give your meals some extra love! Make french toast for breakfast, a grilled panini for lunch, and treat yourself to something fancy for dinner, like lobster tails and creme brulee. 

3. Take a Nap

  • In your typical busy schedule, when’s the last time you had a daytime nap? Find a cozy place and take an uninhibited nap with no alarm clock to speak of! That sounds really nice actually, but we’ll finish up our list before we get started.😴

4. Read

  • We all have those books that we “want” to read but never seem to get to. Now’s your chance! With your extra downtime, pick up those good books and enjoy them by a fire or on your cozy couch. Then share your thoughts about it on social media! Check out our favorite books here!

5. Take a Luxurious Bath

  • Got a bath bomb? Use it! Have bubbles your kids have been dying to use? Go for it! A daytime bath is extra fun for anyone and can be the perfect touch for your day inside. 

6. Beauty Treatment

  • Mini spa day? Yes please! You can break out those facemasks you’ve collected or dive into a variety of DIY beauty treatments. Give yourself a mani/pedicure, a relaxing body scrub, or try an avocado mask. It’s a good day to relax and beautify! 

7. Blogs + Podcasts

  • There are some great posts out there, both to read and listen to. Whip out the ones you’ve been meaning to get to, whether it be to help better your life or learn some great tips. Check out our favorite podcasts here. 

8. Catch Up with Family and Friends

  • Through phone-calls, texting, or hand-written letters, use your downtime to get in touch with grandparents or long-lost friends. It makes for a great indoor activity and can be very rewarding! Plus, they may be stuck inside too! It’s a win-win for all parties!  

9. Movie + Popcorn

  • Are you a film fanatic that can’t make it to the theaters? Have a movie experience in the comfort of your own home! Pop some popcorn, settle in with your favorite soda, and watch an old favorite or a new flick you’ve never seen! Or even better, have a marathon to watch a whole movie series! Check out our favorite rom-coms here!
Rainy Day Bucketlist

    10. Catch Up on Your Shows

    • What’s a little downtime without a little bingeing? Take a trip down memory lane and watch all your favorite shows. Or catch up on the newest ones that you haven’t had a chance to follow for a while. Either way, sounds like fun to us! 

    11. Redecorate

    • Rearranging furniture, dreaming up new ideas, and hanging pictures in different places can be fun and refreshing! With all the extra downtime, it’s the perfect excuse to move things around and mix it up a little. 

    12. Make Treats

    • Experiment and have fun baking homemade goods or candy! This is one the whole family can join in on! From chocolate chip cookies to hazelnut toffee, you really can’t go wrong trying out new recipes! 

    13. Indoor Obstacle Course

    • Have energy that you can’t let outside? Make an indoor obstacle course {for kids & adults} using toys, pillows, or other objects around the house, have some fun and burn off some energy! 

    14. Revamp Your Music Library

    • Music is life! Take the time to make new playlists and organize your music collection. Or start collecting new songs to listen to if you’re ready to spice up your music library. 

    15. Arts + Crafts

    • Get your creative juices flowing and make something with your hands! You can go super simple {paper crafting, painting} or more skilled {knitting, jewelry making} but there are so many options. Do something that sounds fun to you!

    16. Workout

    • Don’t despair if you can’t get to the gym or to your latest spin class. Do your own at-home workout using weights, YouTube, or even lifting your kids up and down while doing squats. Be creative and get that blood flowing! 

    17. Brain Teasers

    • When’s the last time you just chilled out to work on a puzzle, crosswords, or sudoku? Get cozy with a blanket and try out some games from the newspaper, magazines or even online. You could even put a whole puzzle together with music and snacks on the side. 

    18. Organize Your Photos

    • Raise of hands if your photo library is a mess! 🙋🏼Well, being stuck inside is the perfect opportunity to go through all those photos you’ve taken. Organize pics into various albums or just enjoy looking through old memories.

    19. Board/Card Games

    • It’s time to break out your favorite board games! Candy Land, Monopoly, or something more unique that you’ve found down the road. Enjoy a game day marathon with your loved ones. It’s just what the doctor ordered! 
    Rainy Day Bucketlist

      20. Organize

      • If you view organizing as a chore, skip this one. But for many of us, there is something sweet about the pure satisfaction after it’s all done. Pick a spot you have always wanted to organize and go to town! Junk drawers and closets are a great place to start. Maybe the fridge if you’re feeling gutsy! 

      21. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

      • This one’s for adults and kids alike! Indulge yourselves by setting up an ice cream sundae bar. Pull out your favorite ice cream flavors & toppings, like whipped cream, nuts, fruits, and chocolate chips. Make it fun and make it yours!

      22. Study Something

      • Have you wanted to learn something for a while now, but just couldn’t find the time to do it? Today’s your day! Whether it be religious texts, a new language, or just new concepts entirely, use your downtime to learn and study something new! The internet can help you along the way! 

      23. Video Game Marathon

      • Whether you turn it into a competition complete with brackets or just want to have casual fun, break out your favorite video games when you're stuck inside. This is the perfect opportunity to play Mario Party, Tetris, Super Smash Brothers or any game that you love. 

      24. Play Hide & Seek

      • Depending on your space, this can be a fun one that will take you back to your childhood. Using the limited hiding places in your space, get creative in hiding! We personally like curtains, behind open doors {in that small crevice,} and any other blind spots that people often glance over. Where’s your favorite place to hide?

      25. Have a Scavenger Hunt

      • This is a popular game for kids but can be easily organized and enjoyed by adults too! Come up with creative ideas, hide little clues and items all over your space, and just have fun with it! If you’re feeling really adventurous, make your own escape room! 

      26. Indoor Hopscotch

      • Got a beanie baby and some non-damaging tape? Lay it out in the hallway or living room for a game of indoor hopscotch. This one is fun to do and will distract from the fact that you’re stuck inside. Kids love it and so will you! 

      27. Online Shopping Spree

      • Maybe don’t go too crazy, but there’s nothing wrong with going on a little online shopping spree! Check out all your favorite online stores {like Kortni Jeane🦄} and treat yourself to items you’ve had your eye on! Besides, you’re going to need a new wardrobe for spring and summer anyway #amiright?

      28. Dance Party

      • Avoid feeling cooped up inside your home with a fun and loud dance party! Put together an upbeat playlist and move the furniture aside because it’s time for a party! You can dress up too! Check out our favorite dance party jams here. 

      29. Built a Fort

      • Whether it’s for the kids or yourself, building forts out of blankets, chairs and furniture corners is too fun! Get extra creative with fuzzy pillow, lights, and maybe some music or a movie. Sounds like a perfect hideout for the day. 

      30. Have a Kortni Jeane Photoshoot 

      • We’ve saved the best for last! If you have down time inside, break out all your Kortni Jeane swimmers and go nuts with a photoshoot! Get creative and use all the areas in your place for unique and fun shots. Tag us in every single one because we’d love to see what you’ve come up with! 
      Well there you have it! Your days inside don’t have to be a drag. Start from the top of the list or in the middle, but take some of these ideas and make them yours. You and your loved ones deserve to have fun even if you’re stuck inside. There’s lots to do! Which one of these ideas will you take on first? Let us know below! 
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