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Photoshoot Tips + Tricks - Kortni Jeane
Behind every picture we post online is a whole lot of work! Although it would be great if the perfect picture could be put together with no effort at all, we actually put hours and hours into a photoshoot! So we decided to spill a few tips and tricks on how we prepare for our photoshoots.
First things first: planning out all the details of the shoot!
We start by finding and setting a theme for the shoot. We never repeat a theme and try to keep each one as different as possible. In the past we've done Coachella, 50's retro, pool party and so much more! To ensure we stay on one theme and keep everyone on the same page, an inspo board is created with images and coloring!
Once we know the direction we want to work with we are able to pick a location, photographer, and models.
Since our next line has many bright colors, we wanted to make sure the scenery was very clean so the colors would stand out and not get lost in the photos. This helped us find a little direction on where to get started! We were headed down to Arizona and knew the desert-esk scenery would be a beautiful choice. Luckily we were able to connect and shoot at the most beautiful pool in someones backyard.
Once the location, photographer, and models are all set, the fun part kicks in!  We then get to start planning the outfits!
Kortni Jeane Photoshoot //  Behind The Scenes // Tips & Tricks
Depending on the time + duration of the actual shoot determines how many outfits we will be able to put each model in. Timing all depends on the lighting so sometimes we get a little longer window than others. We put together different "scenes" where each model matches with the other or have some sort of theme within each set. Just like you would when planning for family photos, we want each of the models to not only look great alone, but to look amazing with each other! 
We add lots of accessories, hats, jackets, hair ties, shoes... you name it, we got it! Once each individual outfit is complete, we assign it to a specific model. That way when we arrive on location we know what each model is going to wear and in which order they will wear it in! This makes it seamless once we are at the shoot to hand each individual model everything they need for each outfit at once.
Kortni Jeane Photoshoot //  Behind The Scenes // Tips & Tricks
We always make sure to bring extra accessories and props to every shoot. You never know if you decide you want something different or something doesn't quite fit when you are in the middle of the crazy! Extra makeup is also a must, especially if you're playing in the pool.
Whenever children are involved we make sure to have lots of props and treats for them to keep them interested and entertained. Kids are better candidly so when you have something for them to do and interact with the pictures turn out better and they are easier to work with. Whether it is eating a cookie, blowing bubbles or playing in the water with a pool float, being prepared with extra props brings better pictures with children. And let's be honest, adults too!
Kortni Jeane Photoshoot //  Behind The Scenes // Tips & Tricks
Now comes the fun part: Photoshoot day!
We have found that the more you plan ahead of time, the smoother the photoshoot goes. Arriving on location at least an hour ahead of schedule gives us time to organize and prep everything before the models and photographer get there. Everything goes a lot smoother when we arrive early and makes it easy for us to focus on our models and photographer. This is a time to have fun and see all the hard work come together, while running around like crazy people through the entirety of the shoot because you have so many ideas and details running through your head.
Bringing a yummy snack for everyone is essential too, because it sure does get tiring. 
Kortni Jeane Photoshoot //  Behind The Scenes // Tips & TricksKortni Jeane Photoshoot //  Behind The Scenes // Tips & Tricks
And that's a wrap! Cleaning up is always the most tiring part, but once those shots roll into your inbox it's highly rewarding to see the pretty results of your efforts!
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