National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day - Kortni Jeane
Next Monday is National Relaxation day, so you have the perfect excuse to take it easy at the beginning of the week! Not sure how to have the most laid-back day of the year? We’ve got you covered. Keep the following tips and tricks in mind to celebrate relaxation and improve your overall well being.

Find Something to Make You Laugh

Watching a funny video will do more than just brighten your day, it physically helps you to relax! Laughter increases the endorphins released by your brain which makes you feel happy. So whether you talk with your funniest friend or watch a movie that makes you giggle, be sure you laugh on relaxation day.

Take a Mental Vacation

Feeling overwhelmed at work first thing Monday morning? Take a moment to close your eyes, picture a relaxing scene, and just breathe. It sounds cheesy and cliche, but just a few minutes of disengaging from any stressors will help recharge your ability to tackle those tasks.

Pucker Up

One of our favorite ways to celebrate National Relaxation Day, with romance! Kissing releases oxytocin, a chemical that is known for reducing stress levels. That’s right! Romance is relaxing! So grab your significant other and lock lips with them to celebrate next Monday! (Chocolate has a similar effect so don’t hesitate to grab some on your way home).

Go for a Dip

Whether you’re relaxing poolside or soaking your stiff muscles in a hot tub, going for a dip is the perfect way to celebrate National Relaxation Day! If you’re outside, Vitamin D will help boost your mood, while the sun's rays will help you relax. If you’re inside enjoying an indoor hot tub or personal spa, the hot water and massaging of the jets can be an effective way to relax + soothe tight muscles. Plus, you can wear your Kortni Jeane swimmers which always makes you feel better. 

Take a Break from Body Negativity

Many of our physical flaws are magnified by our own brain, so why not take a break from that negativity? Let your strengths, gifts, and personality be the only things you focus on on Relaxation Day. Or to take it a step further, let your body be celebrated as it is right here, right now. No need to worry about flaws or insecurities as you’re perfect the way you are. You’ll find you’re more relaxed when you’re appreciating who you are and embracing your body. 
We all need a break from fast-paced and hectic lifestyles! National Relaxation Day encourages us to slow down and unwind. And by using one of the tips above, we’re sure to recuperate and recharge our tired minds and bodies. How will you celebrate next Monday? What little things can you do to help you relax at the beginning of the week? Let us know your best ideas in the comments below! 
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