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Back to School Essentials - Kortni Jeane
A new school year is upon us so we’re planning on returning in style! Ideally we’d be able to just wear our swimmers to school each day, but we know that may not be possible. That doesn’t mean Kortni Jeane can’t come with us as we start another school year! Take a look at our back to school essentials that bring summer to you all year long. 
KJ Backpack
Can see-through backpacks please never go out of style?!😍Whatever you’re packing for school, our KJ Backpacks are here for you! Water resistant, durable, pretty, making your time soaking in the knowledge so much easier! Throw in books, homework, your cell phone, lunch, without it feeling too bulky. Plus it’ll be easy to find the things you need when you need it! The uses are endless and you’ll turn heads through it all!
KJ Wetbag
Goodbye lame + boring pencil cases and hello KJ Wetbags! We’re talking see-through, waterproof bags that are easy to carry, clean, and sport your love of KJ. Take a look at the perfect pouch to throw all your lotions and potions in without the worry of them ruining everything in your backpack. Use it for lotion, deodorant, hygiene products, school supplies, or snacks! It’s the perfect option for packing what you’ll need at school and will definitely have you  covered in any kind of emergency! 
Oversized Magic Tee
You’re about to be the cool kid at school sporting one of our Oversized Magic Tees! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone wearing a giant compliment on their shirt?! Turn heads and make friends sporting our Natural or Light Pink tees. Perfect for casual everyday wear, pair this bad boy with biker shorts, mom jeans, or everything in between! With the oversized fit, you’ll be as comfortable as possible at school, accomplishing all the magical things only you can do!
The Tote
If the backpack isn’t big enough for all your school needs, The Tote will carry you through it all! Use it for your books, binders, homework, or anything else you need for class. It’s big enough to hold your lunch or snacks and has pockets on pockets for pencils, calculators, or art supplies. Are you an athlete?! The Tote is washer/dryer friendly so it’s the perfect gym bag for your sports equipment, towels, and uniforms! All in all, the Tote is the ultimate bag for school!
The Pouch
Every school day needs a Pouch that’s made to play! Water resistant, zipper closure, washer/dryer friendly, and an inside pocket - these bad boys can be used for anything and everything! Fill it with snacks for between classes, keep your school supplies divided and organized, or hold your feminine hygiene products for easy access! And our favorite use? It’s the perfect size for the cosmetics you’ll need throughout your busy day. The Pouch has got you covered for all your odds and ends. 
The Big Pouch
With all the same features as the Pouch, this bad boy gives you about 3” more! The Big Pouch is cute, water resistant, easy to care for, and washer/dryer friendly. Use it to carry your lunch that day, to hold your stinky gym clothes so they don’t get all over the rest of your stuff, or for your homework. Like their smaller counterparts, these dreamy bags are available in three prints that you won’t want to miss out on. Imagine the heads you’ll turn when you whip this bad boy out of your backpack or Tote! 
Stain Stick
Ever spilled something on yourself at school? Well say goodbye to walking around with a stain on your shirt all day thanks to our Stain Stick! Small enough to tote around in your bag, effective on the toughest stains, and safe ingredients make this your go-to🧼The sooner you can treat a stain the easier it will come out. So take a quick trip to the bathroom with this stick of gold in hand and you’ll save your shirt from getting ruined entirely! Throw it in your backpack for those accidental spills and never walk around with a stain again. 
Lip + Cheek
Always look your best at school with Lip + Cheek! Our daily wear since it’s small enough to tote around in your bag and makes it look like you know what you’re doing. Add any shad to your lips, cheeks, collar bones, or eyelids! Take Lip + Cheek a step further and add a little sparkle to your shoulder blades! Made up of castor seed and avocado oil, Lip + Cheek fights dry lips, reduces puffiness, and works as a moisturizer! So much magic packed in one little makeup stick! Give it a whirl and you may just catch your crush's eye this year 😉
Sticker Pack
Last but certainly not least in our back to school essentials is our KJ Sticker Pack! Get ready to slap these babies on your binders, water bottles, textbook covers, or lockers! Sport your love for Kortni Jeane with our pineapple donut, palm disco, or unicorn stickers. They’ll be a great conversation starter so you can introduce your new friends to the fun that is Kortni Jeane. We see many pool days ahead all the while matching swimmers with your school friends! 
We’re gearing up for another school year and with all these back to school essentials we’re ready to go! How about you?! Which accessories and bags are you taking with you to school? We know getting an education can be challenging so brighten up each day with Kortni Jeane. And don’t hesitate to share them with your friends so they can be KJ friends too!
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