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National Game + Puzzle Week - Kortni Jeane
It’s game time! Starting November 20th all through November 26th is National Games & Puzzle week! We love celebrating almost any holiday and this one has us real excited. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to break out the board games + puzzles as you continue to graze over leftovers, are gathered in one place, and enjoy great conversations. Today we’ve put together the ultimate list of games and puzzles for you to enjoy after your Thanksgiving feast. 
This fast-paced trick-taking card game is a jolly good time for all pirates! You bid each round on how many tricks you’ll take but need to watch out for cards that foil your plans. We play this game with our 7-year-old nephews or our 65 year old parents. It's quick to learn and fun to play! 
This is a classic card game that is so easy to play! I love it because you can socialize as you play with whoever you’re gathered with. You can play with three people or six! All you’ve got to do is stack cards in order and keep an eye on your big skip-bo pile. Gotta use skill, strategy, and luck all at once! 
Gather an even number of people. Cut up scratch paper into slips. Have each person write down 5 movie titles on 5 separate slips of paper. Fold each slip twice and throw it into a bowl or basket. Then sit in a circle (around a table or sitting on chairs/couches). The point of the game is to get your team to guess as many movie titles as possible in 1 minute. As soon as you're done with every slip of paper, that closes one round of the game and you throw all the slips back into the bowl. BUT there are three rounds with three specific rules: Round 1: say and do whatever you need to get your team to guess the movie title (just can’t say any of the words in the title). Round 2: You can only say one word, then the rest of your turn needs to be acted out to get your team to guess (good news is you’ve been through all of them once, and your team is familiar with the movie titles). Round 3: You can’t speak at all. It’s strictly charades! Appoint one person to keep track of points. If your team guesses four movie titles in your minute, your team gets four points. Pass the bowl around the circle, alternating turns, until you have finished all three rounds. If you empty the bowl in the middle of your turn, stop the timer, put the slips of paper back in the bowl, and commence with the next round for the rest of your time. If you like charades and movies, you’ll love this game!
We love playing Nerts in my family - but we know it’s also known as Tableau or Peanuts in other families. We also like to use ROOK cards with symbols drawn on the back of each deck (stars, circles, diamonds, mickey mouse heads, etc.) but you can also use playing cards. The only requirement is that each deck must have a unique design on its back so it’s easier to identify each player's cards/points. It’s basically a multiple person solitaire game but it’s fast and can get stressful! Check out the link above to learn how to play! 
If you’re into fast paced card games, this one is for you! Guillotine can only be played with five people, only takes under 30 minutes to play, and is so easy to learn. This revolutionary card game is won by getting ahead (literally). All you have to do is collect the best noble heads over three rounds before they meet the guillotine. Trust us, play this game and watch heads roll. 
Looking for a game you can play over and over again? Five Crowns is easy to learn, rotates wild cards, and is a great time for kids and adults. It’s mostly luck but occasionally strategy comes into play. And the game’s not over until the kings go wild!
Do you have a good poker face? Skull is a true game of deception that requires bluffing, deducing, and out-thinking your friends. Not only is this a strategy game that’s challenging & competitive, it’s also easy to learn! You’ll love it the minute you get the hang of it.
Calling all Potterheads! Give this 1,000 piece puzzle a go when you’re gathered with your loved ones this year! 
Gather your kids, cousins, and friends to put together this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle with fun ocean life!
We love unicorns around here and are obsessed with this irresistible and irregular unicorn puzzle. With 130 pieces it would be a great one to do with your fellow KJ friends! 
From grandparents to little ones, these games + puzzles sound like a good time! We love games that every family member can play! Nothing quite beats gathering together, playing a game, and building memories. Bonus points if those games are enjoyed wearing Kortni Jeane swimmers! What games would you celebrate this week for National Game + Puzzle week? Tell us your favorites below! 
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