Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes - Kortni Jeane
HAPPY THANKSGIVING LADIES + GENTS! We hope today is filled with laughter, loved ones, and lots of turkey + pie. Nothing quite beats that Thanksgiving feast! We literally spend hours planning, prepping, and cooking up for this yearly holiday. But then what do we do with all those leftovers?! Have no fear, leftovers may just be the best part of Thanksgiving since the sky’s the limit! If you’re not sure how to transform those leftovers into something new and delicious, we’ve got you covered. Check it out!
While we’ve heard of various renditions of the same idea, THIS Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich is too good to be true! We’re talking about combining sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, and stuffing into a magically delicious sandwich. 
Get ready to dazzle your family with THIS nutritious new meal that you can throw together easily +  quickly! Grab your leftover turkey, vegetable, herbs, and cheese for this total crowd-pleaser!
Are you a fan of creamy + savory soup? THIS chowder is made with both leftover turkey + mashed potatoes, so it’s the perfect entree for holiday leftovers. And the best part? No one will really know they’re eating leftovers. (Not that we mind – leftovers are the bomb!)
Bet you thought cranberry sauce would be the hardest leftover to find a use for! THESE easy and delicious oat bars are soft, chewy, and yet have that tart sweet cranberry filling. You’ll love enjoying these cranberry squares for breakfast, a fun snack, or even dessert. 
Gear up for delicious and flavorful leftovers you’ll be making on repeat. THIS crispy and yet fluffy recipe is the perfect way to re-serve leftover mashed potatoes! You may find yourself making these babies on repeat. 
We’ve got you covered this year if you end up with leftovers! We love a good Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and will never say no to a sweet cranberry oat bar. We hope your day is spent with loved ones today and filling your bellies to your heart's content! Be sure to wear your stretchy pants and have a Happy Thanksgiving. 
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