National Breastfeeding Month 🤱🏼

National Breastfeeding Month 🤱🏼 - Kortni Jeane
Happy National Breastfeeding Month! This month is dedicated to advancing advocacy, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding so that all families have the chance to breastfeed. The U.S. Breastfeeding Committee’s theme for this year is “Together we do great things!” – and we couldn’t agree more. Our hope is that we can all work together and celebrate efforts in service to babies, families, and human milk feeding during this month.  
To celebrate this important month and movement, we’re bringing you tips for new breastfeeding mama’s from other mom's as well as a one-stop look at our favorite Kortni Jeane tops that make nursing possible during every water adventure. Take a look nursing ladies (or future nursing ladies)! 


Rachel R.
- If you are feeling anxious take deep breathes before or during your breastfeeding session. Baby can sense the anxiousness and it also affects your flow. Just breathe! 
- Put your phone down and let this down time while the baby eats be a bonding time with you and baby. I love holding their little hand or tiny feet 
- If baby is sick or you are let them eat more and as often as they want. (Easier said than done but it does help) Breastmilk contains antibodies that help them fight off sickness or can help prevent them from getting sick.
- Use Haakka to catch all of that extra milk flow when your milk first comes in. It’s such an easy way to start your collection of freezer milk! 
- If you are feeling tightness or soreness in your breast try taking a warm shower or bath and massaging those sore areas to prevent from clogging.
- Make sure baby's face, neck and torso are faced toward you and not ceiling. It’s a more comfortable and ideal posture for baby while breastfeeding.
Karissa S.
- I found it was really helpful for me to read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding while pregnant to prepare myself.
- Be patient and give yourself grace. It takes time to get into the groove of breastfeeding for both you and your baby and that’s ok! If you find you still struggle after a few weeks find a good lactation specialist in your area. 
- Invest in some good nipple cream. I like ones you don’t have to wipe off before nursing (because your nipples can be so sore and tender) like bamboobies or Tubby Todd.
Makenzie R.
My 2 biggest pieces of advice would be to take a prenatal breastfeeding class so you at least sort of have an idea of what to expect. I loved the Lactation Link breastfeeding basics. And second would be to trust your intuition! If you think something is wrong or baby isn’t latching/gaining weight like they should then seek out a knowledgeable provider to help! Pediatricians aren’t always the best resource since that’s not their specialty.
- Don’t be afraid to get help
- Utilize the Haakka
- Try different positions
- Don’t be afraid to nurse in public 
- Get a cover for privacy 
- Use nipple cream
But overall, enjoy the newborn snuggles and the beautiful experience of breastfeeding. I know breastfeeding can be overwhelming at times, but there is help out there so you can make the most of your time with your cute little one. Pay attention to your own needs as well as your baby's and you'll be just fine!


A company run by women gets women! Swimsuits should adapt with you through every stage of life, and that includes motherhood. That’s why offering nursing friendly swimsuit tops at Kortni Jeane is a priority! Truly every one of our tops can be adapted to be nursing friendly and comfortable at the same time. Be prepared to be amazed!


As one of our best recommendations for ladies with larger busts, the Bandeau top is also a great option for nursing! There’s so much comfort and elasticity from this top! Designed without a shelf bra, the Bandeau stretches easily so you can feed your baby from underneath or from above. It’s a great option to wear throughout your pregnancy or postpartum as it will grow with you. Trust us, you can get a lot of use out of this top even outside of the water! Pair the Bandeau top with your favorite shorts or flowy pants and you’re good to go no matter where you’re at. 


Designed with a wide rounded scoop neckline in front and back, the Flutter top is a great nursing option for swim days. Simply slip one strap off your shoulder so you can feed baby from the top. The straps aren’t adjustable with this top, but they have a nice stretch that makes it easy to slip on and off as needed. Another option is to feed baby from underneath, like other crop tops. Just gather the fabric up and latch baby on from underneath. This option is simply perfect for breastfeeding mama’s.


This swimsuit top can be used for nursing by conveniently slipping off one strap or just pulling from the bottom for your baby’s feeding time. This swim top is a great option for higher coverage than the v-neck shapes with the same functionality of adjustable straps that can easily be slipped off the shoulder for nursing. 


As one of our number one suggestions for ladies with larger busts, the Oversized Ruffle top is also a great option for nursing! There’s so much comfort in the elasticity of this top! Without a shelf bra, it stretches easily so you can feed your baby from underneath. It’s  also a great option  to  wear throughout your pregnancy as it will grow with you. Trust us nursing mama’s, you can get a lot of use out of this top! 


This top offers plenty of coverage with an easy off-the-shoulder transition for nursing. We know that nursing comes with its own set of unexpected issues, from leaking milk to lopsided chests. That can make for an uncomfortable day out in the sun! We’ve got you covered with large ruffles that come over your chest, adding coverage and distracts from any nursing mishaps. This option will stun you with its accommodating fit!  


With our Scoop Back top, the straps are easily maneuverable to be slipped off the shoulder for nursing on the go. As an added bonus, the straps are adjustable, allowing you to change them as needed for daily feedings and as your chest changes sizes frequently as a nursing mother. Since nursing involves feeding on one side at a time, this swimsuit allows you to easily switch off sides while remaining covered on the other. You’ll love this easy on, easy off option for feeding your baby!  


Another tried and true favorite is our Swing top. This one is extra unique! With a loose layer of material over the top and a fitted layer underneath, nursing just got a lot easier. Comfortably lift the fitted layer underneath while that swing layer covers your baby, protecting them from the sun. This is the perfect option for beach days, lounging poolside, or out on a boat. Another option is to aunty the straps for plenty of room for nursing. Either way, you can relax with your family on water adventurous and nurse in between. 


Built as a halter top, the strings of this top can be untied or loosened for nursing accessibility. Plus, the gorgeous + large tie on the bottom can be used for a little extra coverage, if needed. When untied, it adds a few inches of fabric on the bottom which can be very helpful during nursing. Last of all, the shelf bra isn’t attached on the bottom, so the separated layers make it easy to pull up the shelf bra to nurse all the while staying covered by the overlaying fabric. So, whether you need to nurse in public or not, it’s a comfortable option for all sizes!  


With adjustable straps and a v’d neck line, the V’d Crop top offers the perfect pairing for nursing! You can freely adjust straps to pull down your swimmer or slip one strap off the shoulder. Either way, this swim top is incredibly flattering on all bust sizes and has quickly risen to the top as a crowd favorite. 


The V-Neck top is by far one of our customer’s favorite nursing friendly tops! There are two easy ways to nurse with this dreamy piece. First, you can slip one strap off while you nurse. The v-neck shape makes this convenient as it’s easy to slide off only one side without the other falling with it. Second, you can nurse from the bottom! The bottom of this top is covered by a peplum ruffle that can easily slide up for nursing and even be used for coverage over baby! 
These swim tops were made for women. They’ll help you feel confident, strong, and capable. Give one of these tops a try and you’ll find that you’re able to nurse successfully! Swim days can be just as functional while nursing than any other time in your life with Kortni Jeane! Whether it’s your first baby, or your sixth, we want you to be part of the fun! Which top is your favorite nursing friendly swimsuit pick? Let us know in the comments! 
Kortni + Team


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