The Proposal: Mason & Hannah

The Proposal: Mason & Hannah - Kortni Jeane
There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a proposal. Back in December, Mason's family approached us with a fantastic idea: a surprise proposal at our very own Kortni Jeane office! We were honored to host such a significant event for one of our #1 fans.
Here's their story:
Hannah's best friend is actually Mason's cousin. After talking about how good she thought Hannah and Mason would be together, Hannah was finally convinced. They started texting each other and going out on dates. After a year of dating and falling more and more in love, they got to know each other so well that they wanted to take the next step. So well, in fact, that Mason knew the perfect spot to propose to Hannah.
Mason's sisters have always come to Kortni Jeane's Girl's Club, warehouse sales, and other events. As a group, these girls are truly Kortni Jeane's #1 fans. They helped Mason make the perfect plan for the proposal. After asking the Kortni Jeane team if we could pull this off, we were thrilled to hear their plan. Mason's sister's told Hannah they were all headed to a Girl's Club event and invited her to tag along. Upon arriving, Hannah was pleasantly surprised to see Mason standing in a room surrounded by sparkly lights, roses, and a Kortni Jeane Swimmer.  
Mason & Hannah's proposal at Kortni Jeane Swimmers
Mason & his family set up a charming display in one of our rooms in the office. Complete with a swimsuit for Hannah, the scene was ready. 
Mason & Hannah's Kortni Jeane proposal
Mason led Hannah into the room and surprised her by popping the question. Here's the video of the proposal:
And of course she said YES! How could she not? They make a darling couple and we were so happy to have such a special event happen here at Kortni Jeane! When you find someone who knows you this well, you know you've picked a winner. 
Mason & Hannah's Kortni Jeane Proposal
And in case you didn't get a good look, let's just take a moment to drool over her ring. 
Mason and Hannah's Kortni Jeane swimmer's proposal ring
We hear she was more excited about her free swimsuit than the ring, but what can we say? Our swimmers really are that fabulous! Usually our swimsuits don't come with fiancés too, but Hannah got the deal of a lifetime! We can't wait to see photos from their wedding and honeymoon featuring Hannah in her Kortni Jeane swimmer.
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