Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall

Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall - Kortni Jeane
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall
You're in for a real treat this season! We have dreamy Lip + Cheek shades that are perfect for transitioning into fall! Today we're giving you some inspiration as to how we're changing up our makeup routines for fall. These are easy peasy looks that can be incorporated into any makeup routine, whether it's a quick five minutes or an hour! What are you waiting for!?
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall Tickled
There's no better time of year to rock this gorgeous color! A hint of deep burgundy fires up your lips and gives you a rosy glow along your cheekbones! Simply dot this color on the apple of your cheeks and gently blend back into your hairline. For your lips, you can directly apply or apply with your finger for a more subtle color. Tickled looks especially glamorous paired with those gorgeous bronze colors that come out to play in the fall, so throw on that sweater and rock the look! But wait, that's not all! Did you notice how perfectly this dark purple pairs with our Wine from Faraway Places? That's a match made in heaven! 
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall Creamsicle
Highlighting was made for fall! This classic shimmery orange may be your perfect match as an autumn highlight that'll emphasize where the light hits! Apply to your upper cheekbone and blend with your ring finger up past the corner of your eye. Bring on the warmth and shimmer! Creamsicle was made for the changing seasons so you can rock this versatile look all year long! But the fun doesn't stop there! Did you know you can touch up your eyelids with our Lip + Cheek? Apply gently with your ring finger in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them up. Viola! It's oh so simple but the details make all the difference!
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall Toasted
Nothing says fall quite like beautiful brown shades! Fall is also the time to try new things! Try applying this neutral shade to your lips with a little gloss for a chic and cool look (those neutral lips are in baby!) Or if you're going for that year-round glow use Toasted as a bronzer. It gives shape and definition to your cheekbones AND gives off that healthy sun-kissed glow that we want to keep year-round! Last but certainly not least, if you're going for the ultimate blush and bronzer look for fall, Toasted and Tickled are your perfect pair! Simply line your cheekbones with Toasted, blend, and then add a touch of Tickled to your cheeks. You've got a whole look in just three steps!
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall Unicorn Magic
Purples come out to play in autumn! This is the perfect shade for transitioning from warm to cooler temps on your lips + cheeks. Unicorn Magic is another fabulous option for a highlighter and gives your lips a glossy look that's easily added to everyday makeup. To use as a highlighter, apply on your upper cheekbones and gently blend with your ring finger. Want an extra bonus!? Get a polished look by gently patting it under the arch of your brow. Let those perfect brows shine!
Lip + Cheek Looks for Fall Heat Wave
This warm coral screams fall! Fall is all about transitions, from warm to cool, light to dark. Let your makeup make the same statement by making this the center of your everyday makeup look and you'll look stunning for the season! Pair the warmth of Heat Wave along with those darker tones and you've found the perfect transition. We especially love Heat Wave for lips because it brightens up and finishes any look! If it's the only thing you're wearing you look put together in seconds!
Is your repertoire ready for the autumn season? Those deep, warm colors for fall have us absolutely obsessed! These makeup looks are as easy as one, two, three so you don't have to worry about an hour long routine. Switching it up and transitioning into each season has never been so easy! What's your new favorite? We'd love to hear in the comments below! Until next time babes!
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