Fall Date Ideas

Fall Date Ideas - Kortni Jeane
Fall Date Ideas
Autumn leaves are falling and it’s time to throw on your favorite boots and flannel shirts! And there’s something about this wonderful season that makes people want to cozy up with their loved ones, or better yet, with those they’re dating. Whether you're married, engaged, have a steady partner or are dating around, today we are proudly presenting 15 date ideas that are perfect for the fall season. So go ahead and pick your favorites! 

Pick & Cook Fall Harvest Fruit

You’ve heard of picking apples and baking apple pie or making homemade cider, but what about pumpkins and pears? No matter your preference, fall offers some harvests that make for some seriously yummy pies. Take a quick look online to find the farms in your area that will let you take a basket into their fields, then head home with your pickings. Bake it into instagrammable treats and eat your heart out together!

Enjoy a Picnic {& Jump in Some Leaves!)

Picnics are usually considered a summer thing, but fall picnics are where it’s at! Not only is the weather a little cooler, but the scenery is gorgeous and colorful. Park yourselves near some gorgeous fallen leaves, unpack your thermos filled with belly-warming soup and fresh bread. Then, work off your warm meal by playing in the leaves around you. You’ll feel silly at first, but then the fun will start. It’s too cute, how can you not?

Plan a Puzzle Night

This may sound like torture to some of you, but puzzles can be awesome! They require a lot of patience, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. Not to mention the ability to come back from making mistakes. In short, puzzles bring out all the great attributes you need for a new relationship or even a marriage. Add some mugs of hot chocolate or apple cider to the mix and you’re in for a cozy date! 

Go for a Drive

Going for a walk is nice, but have you tried going for a drive? Some winding country roads are the most beautiful you can see, but are usually dangerous to walk on foot. We love us a colorful and pretty line of trees found up canyons roads. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy each others company with modern-day vehicular luxuries {your own jams & seat warmers}. Mmm sounds toasty!

Watch a Scary Movie - Outdoors

Quickly find out which one of you is a scaredy cat with a scary movie in the great outdoors. Grab your laptop, take it to your deck, back lawn, or apartment rooftop and see if you can stand the frights when you’re in the dark… outside... exposed to the elements. OoooOoOo spooky! This is a fun one that will make for years and years of playful teasing if all goes well.
Fall Date Ideas

Explore a Nearby Town or City

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a day trip in the fall. Pick a place the two of you have never been to and have fun exploring. The smaller the town or city, the better. You’re sure to find some treasures and make memories at the same time. This is a great date for new couples and married couples alike. 

Local Coffee Shop

Pumpkin Spice season is here! Head to your favorite little coffee shop and grab the seasonal concoction or baked goodie together. Enjoy one another’s company while you eat and drink these belly-warming treats together. This is a prime date if it’s your very first so definitely give it a try!

Light a Fire

Whether you want to take it outside or in your living room, lighting a fire to enjoy together can be the perfect cozy date. Enjoy the flicker and warmth of your first or eighth fire of the season. Add card games, get to know you questions, or popcorn to really bliss out this date. If you’re feeling really adventurous, make it into a bonfire outside and then bust out the s’mores once the embers are ready! 

Make Candy Apples Together

Everyone loves dressing up their favorite apple with candy! Caramel is classic, but there are so many mouthwatering ways to candy your apple. Our personal favorite is caramel, white chocolate, and cinnamon sugar. Try a few different ways with your date and you just might find a new favorite. Tag us in your test tasting so we can see which ones you love!

Carve & Decorate Pumpkins

Whether you trek to a pumpkin patch or purchase one from your local grocer, carving and decorating pumpkins is always a fun date! Whittle away at your pumpkin of choice until it resembles a disney character, spooky face, or something else totally unique to you. Post your creations and have your friends + family vote on whose is best! You could even throw on a little Hocus Pocus while you carve. It’s nice to have a movie playing in the background that you’re both familiar with.
Fall Date Ideas

Take a Hay Ride

It doesn’t need to be haunted or terribly crowded to enjoy a hay ride in the great outdoors! Although, scary hay rides definitely up the fun factor in our books and give you an excuse for a little tasteful PDA. Any ol’ hayride is the perfect excuse to snuggle up under a checkered fleece blanket. I mean, are you even hayriding without one?

Visit a Haunted Place

From cornmazes to hospitals to houses, there are tons of haunted attractions you could choose from! From kid-friendly to “I’m actually going to wet myself,” pick one that’s at your comfort level, as well as your dates comfort level. We also recommend wearing extra deodorant that day - just in case things get really scary and one of you ends up burying their face in the other’s chest. It happens and we don’t hate it. 

Explore Local Fairs

Tis the season for festivals! So if you’re feeling comfortable trekking out into the public areas, check out what your community has to offer. Chili cook-offs, craft fairs, Octoberfests, and county fairs are usually all around and so much fun to experience. Show off your softball skills and win your date that stuffed unicorn, walk around the pumpkin sculptures, or kiss when the ferris wheel stops at the very top. No matter what you find, these are great dates to go on! 

Go Horseback Riding

If you’re looking for a great autumn adventure, horseback riding is just the thing! Find the nearest horse ranch to you and see what options they offer! It’s the perfect opportunity to wrap your arms around your partner’s waist as you ride through the autumn woods on horseback. Or if you’ve never been before, the perfect opportunity get up on the horse for the first time! 

Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market

If you can’t make it to a pumpkin patch or even an apple orchard, consider exploring a local farmer’s market instead! It’s the next best thing! Take your time looking around and getting to know each other as you pick out your farmer’s market treasures. If things are going well, take your haul home and make dinner together!   
There are lots of creative date activities during the fall season, so live it up and try new things this year! Covid restrictions may still apply towards many of these activities so don’t be afraid to adjust them as necessary. Luckily, many fall activities are best spent outside, so dress warmly, throw a cute hat or beanie on, and get ready to date the autumn way! Do you have more fall date ideas? Let us know below cuz we’d love to hear them! 
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