Kortni's 2018 Munch at the Chocolate Factory

Kortni's Munch at the Chocolate Factory - Kortni Jeane
Kortni's Munch 2018
Every October, Kortni hosts #kortnismunch to mingle and celebrate those who have supported our journey! Although not everyone we love lives locally, this party is like a big thank you for those who are able to attend. This year the theme was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! We spent weeks making candy, hedges, Wonka bars and even candy trees! Can't help but go all out for these parties and nothing beats the feeling of seeing it all come together!
Kortni's Munch 2018
Kortni's Munch 2018Kortni's Munch 2018
You can't have a Willy Wonka party without some amazing food and lots + lots of candy! Thanks to 53 caterers (find them here) for being the food geniuses behind the themed goodness. We had Charlie's Cabbage Soup, Mike's TV Dinner (for sure a favorite) which was served in tiny TV dinner dishes, Violets blueberry tarts, Augustus' bratwurst, Veruca's golden acorns and, to top it all off, some of the most amazing frozen hot chocolate. 
And let's not forget about the candy, lots and lots of candy. From m&m's, peach rings, brownies, and of course a chocolate fountain, we literally had it all! We might as well have robbed a candy store! To say the least, we ended the night on a sugar high and started the next morning in a sugar coma.
Kortni's Munch 2018Kortni's Munch 2018Kortni's Munch 2018
We are so grateful for each and every person we get to meet and get to know throughout the year! We have so many people who show so much support and love to our company, and it is always so fun to mingle in person!
Swag Bag
Of course you can't forget about the swag! I don't care who you are we all love some surprise goodies in our lives! We love being able to work with other small and local businesses!

Until next year!
Kortni Jeane + Team


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