5 Hairstyles with @simpleandblush + @locksbylara

5 Hairstyles with @simpleandblush + @locksbylara - Kortni Jeane
Our very own Lara on our customer service team is AMAZING at hair. Every day she comes in with something new and every day we are all jealous of her hair! We teamed up with @simpleandblush to show 5 different hairstyles you can do to incorporate a hair tie! Not only are these absolutely stunning, Lara breaks down each look, making it easy to achieve at home! Make sure to check out @locksbylara and @simpleandblush
Bowed Dutch Braid
The Knotted Pull Through
The Fluffy Fishtail
The Pigtail Crown Braid
The Twisted Top Knot
Which hairstyle was your favorite? With so many options, it's hard for us to choose! Which one will you try first? Let us know!
Kortni Jeane + Team


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