Kortni's Friday Favorites

Kortni's Friday Favorites - Kortni Jeane
Kortni's Friday Favorites
This week we rounded up some of Kortni's current favorites, to share some love to these amazing products. From phone cases, fruit leather, and even our wet + dry portfolio, each one of these items have stuck out to Kortni this last month and she can't live without them. Check them out below!
Loopy Phone Cases
Loopy case- use KORTNI10 at checkout for a discount. Forget the popsocket, which always made my pinky hurt... is that just me?? This case makes it easy to hold your phone in any position without dropping it. I rarely have pockets so I love that I can loop my finger though but still have full use of my hand too!
Love these cases and wont use anything else!
Primally Pure Natural Deoderant
Primally Pure Natural Deodorant- This is the only natural deodorant I have been able to find that actually works, and that's saying a lot because I am a SWEATY person to say the least! TMI? I also have my husband hooked, it took some convincing but he is now on the charcoal train and swears by it! I have been on a natural deodorant hunt for almost two years and once I found Primally I haven't looked back, worth every penny.
Stanley Quencher Water bottle
Stanley Quencher- I literally carry this everywhere I go and get made fun of for it! But then when I explain why I 99% of the time get the person to purchase because IT IS JUST THAT AMAZING. I love that it has a straw, honestly gets me to drink more water, the handle is so nice since its a big jug and fits into a cup holder! What more can you ask for??
Sephora Collection Face Masks
Sephora face masks- Not gonna lie, I have tried almost all of these and have loved every single one. Just depends on your skin type for which to go for but they've got it all!
The best part? You just rub in the serum when you are done, no washing post wear!
Ban.do rechargable spare battery for Iphone
Charger- You can hook in almost any device, making it ideal to pack around everywhere you go! I swear it charges my phone 10xs, which is awesome for traveling or when you are always on the go. I have this with me everywhere I go and you don't mind giving up a charge when someone asks.
Yummy natural and healthy You Love Fruit Leather
Fruit Leather- These are delicious and nutritious! This brand has got all kinds of flavors and I have never had a bad one, but the Mango Coconut is by far my fav! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Kortni Jeane wet and dry portfolio
Wet + Dry Portfolio- I use this every single day. Great for traveling and toting all my crap around in without worry of spill and mess! The best part is, I just throw it in the washing machine when it gets nasty and it cleans right up!


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