#KJfieldtrip at The Soap Factory with the Creative Team

#KJfieldtrip at The Soap Factory with the Creative Team - Kortni Jeane
For our #KJFieldTrips our Creative Team went to The Soap Factory! This is a small little shop downtown Provo where you can hand-make your own soap, bath bomb, sugar scrub, an even lip balm! As a team we decided to each make soap.
You begin by picking out your mold of what shape you want it. This alone definitely showed our personalities, with rose molds, to even bunt cake molds. Next you choose out an essential oil for the smell of your soap, any mix-ins (such as salt or charcoal) and your coloring. Once you have everything picked out, you mix it in with the soap base and you wait for it to harden! Once it is all ready, you pop it out of the mold, and just like that you have your very own soap!
We had so much fun visiting The Soap Factory! If you are local, be sure to check them out!
Kortni Jeane + Team


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