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Keep Swimming This Fall - Kortni Jeane
Why can’t summer last forever?! Wait a minute, it can! Just because the weather is getting a bit nippier in the evenings doesn’t mean Kortni Jeane season is over! We live an endless summer over here and we know that you can swim all year long! Water adventures don’t have to stop just because fall is in full swing. Take a look at where you can go to swim this fall and some benefits + tips for swimming in cold water, no matter the season:  
Do you love to play in the water? Us too! Lucky for us, Utah is home to some of the best swimming facilities, both indoors and outdoors! Check out this list of swimming pools that are open throughout the year, making it easy for you to sport Kortni Jeane in every season:
1. Public Pools
South Davis Rec Center: This indoor pool has a lazy river, lap pool, a kiddie area complete with a play structure, water slide and a good ol’ fashioned hot tub. 
Surf ‘n Swim: Even though it’s an outdoor pool, this park is open year round! They place a bubble dome over the pool in the winter, keep you and your littles warm. They even have a wave pool that runs every fifteen minutes! 
Northwest Rec Center Pool: This indoor pool has it all! With lap pools, beach entry pools and tons of slides + play structures, you and your littles are bound to have a good time! 
Lehi Legacy Center Pool: Lehi definitely has you and your mini’s in mind with their fun indoor attractions. Enjoy a lap pool, beach entry pool, a large play structure + water dumping bucket above, a lazy river, a hydrotube and special play area specifically for toddlers, your kids will definitely have something to do here. 
Provo Rec Center: Last but certainly not least is our local Provo Rec Center pool. This pool is a good time! They’ve got a rock climbing wall, high jump cliffs, and water slides galore. You and your kids will love the many features that Provo has to offer and will sport your KJ all the while. 
2. Lakes + Reservoirs
*Although they have in the past, some of these areas may not allow winter swimming this year. Cold Water Swimming is available in most areas, but rules change year to year in order to keep everyone safe. Double check online before you go to make sure they’re open this fall and winter:
The Great Salt Lake (Antelope Island)
Bountiful Lake (Woods Cross)
Pineview Reservoir (Huntsville)
Deer Creek Reservoir (Wasatch County)
Utah Lake (West of Provo)
East Canyon Reservoir (Morgan County)
Blackridge Reservoir (Herriman)
Jordanelle Reservoir (Heber Valley)
Willard Bay (Willard)
Echo Reservoir (Coalville)
Bear Lake (Garden City)
Crystal Hot Springs (Honeyville)
Fifth Water Hot Springs (Spanish Fork)
Meadow Hot Springs (Fillmore)
The Homestead Crater (Wasatch Mountain)
Mystic Hot Springs (Monroe)
Saratoga Hotsprings (Saratoga Springs)
You could sit inside and get ready for winter OR you can slip on your swimmer and go swimming! With indoor pools at recreation centers and hotels, it really doesn’t matter what the weather’s like. So as autumn brings that chill in the air, escape the elements at local swimming pools. OR enjoy the elements up close with cold water swimming + hot springs. Not only does swimming keep us relaxed, but it can give us some great exercise. Swimming is a great whole body workout and provides less impact on your joints. You can swim laps on your own, with a team, or just float around with your mini’s. And last but not least, the “high” that comes from swimming in cold water helps combat depression and improves circulation + your immune system! All in all, swimming is beneficial all year round (but especially as the weather gets colder).  
You may think we’re crazy for suggesting cold water swimming, but it’s actually a lot of fun! If you’ve ever jumped from a hot tub and into the swimming pool, you know what we’re talking about. Everyone is always laughing as you get ready for the polar plunge, with the knowledge that what you’re doing is slightly bonkers, then the exhilaration of getting-in and swimming! So don’t hide inside and miss out on the fall + winter elements! Follow these tips + tricks to make cold water swimming fun!
1. Wear the right gear: anyone can swim in cold water, but you’ll be able to swim a little longer with more padding. Always wear a swimming hat to help preserve body heat and look into neoprene gloves, booties, and a wetsuit.  
2. Never swim alone: find clubs or groups that will get in on the polar plunge action
3. Safety comes first: check out weather conditions and double check you can swim in that particular area.
4. Be aware of your limits: don’t stay in the water for too long and take advice from those who are more experienced than you.
5. Warm up slowly: Don’t have a hot shower. Hot water can cool your core and it can be dangerous. Reach for warm clothing + a hot drink first. 
6. Have warm clothing ready: when you’re done, get changed quickly from head to toe with very warm + comfy clothing. 
7. Enjoy the high: they say that cold water swimming gives you a high that helps combat depression and boosts the immune system and circulation! 
Like we said, the swimming season is never really over! You can keep your Kortni Jeane unpacked all year long and sport it every day, rain or shine! And with all those indoor pools available, your kids will be entertained and warm through fall and winter. So keep your mix + match juices flowing -- you still have plenty of combos you need to create for endless water adventures! Where do you like to sport KJ when it’s chilly outside?? Comment below! 
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