Interview with Mary Moody from Made By Mary

Interview with Mary Moody from Made By Mary - Kortni Jeane

Mary Moody is the owner & creator of Made By Mary, a successful hand-stamped jewelry business. While experiencing postpartum depression, she turned to creating jewelry to help her cope. Mary has been able to not only create well-made, timeless jewelry, but each piece is personalized to each customer's story whether happy or tragic.

Mary is married with two little boys & has become a well-known success as a women entrepreneur. She is a good soul, and we are grateful that we've been able to work with her so many times. Be sure to check out her Instagram for to see her beautiful necklaces & bracelets!

How many kids do you have? What are their ages? 

  • I have two boys ages 5 and 3.

If you and your children could get out of the house right now and do one fun thing in your KJ swimmers, what would you do and where would you go? 

  • With spring finally upon us, I'd either run up the canyon to Tibble Fork and splash around with my boys or take them on a spontaneous trip to California and spend the day at the beach soaking in the sun.

What aspect of motherhood brings you the greatest joy?

  • Learning the capacity our hearts have to LOVE and GROW. Knowing that our children will love us and accept us ENTIRELY as we are brings me so much joy and purpose in my life. My boys offer up their love so freely and forgive so quickly and witnessing this is humbling and fills me with gratitude. They are my teachers just as much as I am theirs.

What is a challenge you are facing right now in motherhood? What are you doing to stay positive and/or find a solution during this challenge?

  • Something that challenges me as a mother is feeling unsure that I'm taking the right steps to not mess up this parenting thing. Its overwhelming to know that we are responsible to mold our children into kind, loving, respectful human beings. This pressure gives me constant anxiety to know if what I'm doing is enough. The last year I've really focused on giving myself grace and know that as long as I'm trying my best and being PRESENT with my boys, things will work out.

How is your parenting style different now than it was when you were a first-time mom?

  • I was much more anxious as a first time mom. I worried about all the tiny things rather seeing things from a bigger picture. It took me a long time to trust myself as a mother so I would constantly be asking questions and seek advice from friends, books, and family members. Over time I've learned to trust myself because trusting my own motherly intuition has been the very best thing for myself and my boys.

What is one thing you said you would NEVER do as a parent, and now you do all the time?

  • Let my kids sleep in my bed. Both boys make their way into my bed during the night because it got to the point that I was too exhausted to haul their heavy bodies back into their rooms. I've just accepted that they won't do this forever and try to enjoy the extra cuddles that come along with it. Being confined to a small corner of the bed is no big deal anymore ;)

If you had to teach your kids just ONE thing that stuck with them forever, what would it be & why?

  • To value their self worth. To know that their self worth will never change or diminish no matter what storms may come through their lives. I want them to stand confident and be proud of who they are. In society today "self-worth" and "self-love" are oftentimes over looked and it's easy to get lost in believing we are things we are not.

If you had to give one word of advice to your first-time-mom self, what would it be

  • You can do hard things, Mary. Don't give up.

A woman’s body changes a lot going in and out of pregnancies, breastfeeding and the daily demands of being a mom. You give so much of yourself to your little ones. How do you keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually healthy?

  • I had a bit of postpartum depression after each of my boys and it was hard to have grace on the new changes my body took on. My goal each day was to get out of the house, to feel the sun on my face or wind in my hair to remind me that I'm alive and my calling in life is to mother these little babes. And to not hold myself to a standard that isn't realistic. Working out (lifting, running, and yoga), praying, eating nutritious food, and quality time as a family are all very fulfilling and allow me to live a healthy life.

At times in your life when you haven’t felt comfortable in your own skin, what did you do to gain more confidence in yourself?

  • Yes, during high school and sporadically throughout college and even early stages of motherhood. Lots of ebbing and flowing when it comes to self love and understanding my self worth. The first thing I did was to stop comparing myself to others. Then I would try to take my mind off myself and loose myself in serving others. It got me through some hard times and continues to get me through today. I am a big believer in positive self talk too. Giving yourself one compliment each day, looking yourself in the mirror, and saying it out loud. It's a game changer.

You run a business AND are a full-time mom. How do you balance the two? 

  • In all honestly, I don't think balance exists when it comes to running a business and raising children. For me it's a mindset of setting realistic standards for yourself so that you aren't falling short every single time. You have to be at a good place with yourself and make sure you're meeting your children's needs and your priorities are aligned. You do what you feel good with and that can look very different for everyone. For me, being in business for four years now, the seasons change. Sometimes I need to give more of myself to the business and work longer hours to get to a place where I can work less and be with my children more. Get your priorities right and everything will fall into place.

xoxo Kortni Jeane + Team


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