How to Wash Your Swimmers

How to Wash Your Swimmers - Kortni Jeane
If you’ve ever spent more than $20 on a swimsuit and had it turn out completely shot by the end of the summer, you understand the frustration. You know the feeling. When you get in the water for one last summer dip and your swimsuit sags in all the wrong places and you realize it’s just not going to work any longer. But a swimsuit shouldn’t just last one month, one vacation, or one summer! These tips on how to wash your swimsuit will keep your swimsuit lasting longer than ever.
  1. Hand wash your swimsuit -- If you remember anything, remember this one. Swimwear fabric is sensitive and putting it in the washer and dryer ruins it. Instead of throwing it in a machine, simply rinse it off before or after you shower in the sink or the tub.
  2. Use a mild detergent/soap bar to clean -- Never use bleach or harsh detergents on your swimwear. Swimwear is sensitive and doesn’t need a deep clean.
  3. Wash separately from other items to avoid bleeding or discoloration -- don’t wash your white swimmer with your red sweatshirt. Just don’t.
  4. Always hang dry -- the dryer is your swimmers worst enemy. We would not recommend you hang your swimsuit to dry in the sun, because it will cause your swimmer to fade. Instead, hang it up in your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere not immediately in the sunlight.
  5. Rinse out your swimmer with clean water after each wear -- Simply washing it out in the sink will do.
  6. Remove bra pads after washing so they dry in the correct form -- Nobody needs misshapen bra pads and odd dents where they shouldn’t be. After your swimsuit dries, re-insert the brad pads for a good as new look.
  7. Cut off loose threads with scissors -- Never pull at strings or you may cause unraveling and ruin your swimsuit.
  8. Always rinse in cold water -- Hot water will dissolve the fibers in your swimmer more quickly, wear it down, and turn white/light colors yellow. So, try to avoid too many dips in the hot tub and hot springs. Instead, use an older swimmer for these adventures and save your new swimsuit for fresh water, pools, or the beach.
Now, enjoy this short video on how to wash your swimsuit correctly. 
By taking care of your swimsuit the right way you can be sure to enjoy your swimsuit for much longer. And the best part is that longer lasting swimsuits means more swimsuits. And more swimsuits means more mix and match. And that is our specialty.
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