Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! - Kortni Jeane

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We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday and didn't want to miss a chance to celebrate with all of you today! Something we love about our swimmers is that they encourage women to get out and swim with their kids. We hear stories every day about moms who never thought they'd be able to put on a bathing suit after having kids or grandmothers that haven't worn a suit in years and even pregnant and nursing moms who feel limited in their swimsuit options. Overall though, we are here to make your life easier and to give you exactly what you need to get out there and swim with the kids. Whether you're a mom, an auntie, a best friend, or any kind of mother figure, today we want to celebrate YOU! Today we're sharing some of our favorite photos of mothers around the world rocking their matching KJ suits with their kids and telling you what motherhood means to us at Kortni Jeane.

Happy Mother's Day from Kortni Jeane!

We've been inspired by mothers matching with 6 kids and mothers matching with their first baby. We've seen moms wear their suits all through their pregnancy and after their baby arrives. We've seen moms more excited to put a bathing suit on than ever and that is something special!

Happy Mother's Day from Kortni Jeane!

We've been inspired by moms who use social media as a platform to inspire others, to be real with other moms struggling out there and to bring together women of all backgrounds. We've been inspired by moms who own businesses, mom's who work from home, mom's who care for their kids 24/7, and moms who pull through every single day no matter what their circumstances are. 

Happy Mother's Day from Kortni Jeane!

We've come a long way with motherhood. It means something different to everyone. For some people it makes them think of their own mom, who taught them everything they know. For some, it brings memories of hardships. And for others, it's a role they haven't yet come into. Mother's Day isn't just a day about celebrating moms around you, it's a day to think about what motherhood means to you. 

Happy Mother's Day from Kortni Jeane!

One of the greatest inspiring changes we see is mother's that aren't afraid to put on a bathing suit. It's becoming more and more popular as fellow mothers share their thoughts on body positivity, being present with their children, and taking on the role of a mother in every sense of the word. Instead of being ashamed to have a so-called "mom bod", we're inspired by women all over who find a swimsuit that fits their style, their personality, AND their body type. That's exactly how it should be! We want you to feel confident, no matter when the last time was that you put a bathing suit on so that you can enjoy those precious memories with your kids and fellow women around you!
Happy Mother's Day from Kortni Jeane!
As a company that's passionate about encouraging women to be their best selves in every way, we always try to create content that will inspire and uplift you in your motherhood journey.  From nursing friendly swimmers to Self-care Tips for Busy Moms to working with moms on a daily basis to bring you a little dose of joy through social media, we love seeing every unique mom out there doing their very best. We hope your Mother's Day was full of you as you spent time with the ones you love most!
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    Beautiful mamas. Lovely swimsuits. Love how everyone is so happy.

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