Halloween Make-up Tutorials

Halloween Make-up Tutorials - Kortni Jeane
We’re turning up the spooks around here with Halloween makeup tutorials! We teamed up with @beautywithjocelyn for these three simple Lip + Cheek make-up looks just in time for Halloween! Each of these can be done in less than five steps AND with less than 5 products! Can you say yes please!? These looks will take your costume to the next level! So let's dive in! 

Frida Kahlo Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is looking as gorgeous as ever with the help of @beautywithjocelyn. You can get this look for your own Halloween costume using our Heatwave lip + cheek and following these 3 simple steps:

1. First apply Heatwave lip + cheek all over the cheeks and blend back towards the hairline. You'll want to apply pretty liberally for a rosy look.

2. Next up, her iconic unibrow! Take a brown liquid liner and create small hair like strokes in between the brow. You'll want it to look natural, so avoid going too dark.

3. Now for her ruby red lips! Apply Heatwave to the lips and line with a lip pencil to define.


There you have it! This classic Frida costume is never going out of style! To complete your look, dutch braid your hair into a crown to mimic Frida's iconic hairstyle. For the outfit, you'll want a flowy dress, ideally with bright florals. Check out our Instagram reel for more of this look! Now you're ready to go!

scarecrow halloween make-up tutorial


 Next up, this scarecrow make-up tutorial is perfect for fall! @beautywithjocelyn created this effortless scarecrow look using Creamsicle. This costume is oh so simple, but the makeup truly takes it to the next level! Watch our video here and learn how with these simple steps:
1. Use the Creamsicle lip + cheek to create a perfect circle on the fullest part of each cheek.
2. Next, line the circles with an orange lip liner to make them stand out.
3. For the lips, you'll follow the same steps: fill them in with Creamsicle, then line them to stand out.
4. Next, use a brown liquid liner to draw up from the sides of the mouth. Then add slits along the lines to look like stitches.
5. Using the same brown liquid liner create a fat wing and fill it in. This creates a little bit of glam because scarecrows can be fabulous too right!? 
6. Lastly, use this eyeliner to add 3-4 triangles to the lower lash line to mimic petals. It's all in the details here!
There you have it, a simple Scarecrow makeup look that will turn heads! To finish it off you'll need an outfit. Overalls, jeans and plaid, or even a spooky dress will do perfectly. Throw your hair into some messy braids and BOO! You're ready for a night of Spooktober celebrations!
unicorn halloween make-up tutorial


Our last look is this stunning unicorn make-up tutorial using both our Sunkissed and All That Glitters lip + cheek! 🦄  We're a little obsessed with unicorns over here, so this couldn't be any more perfect! Check out this reel and follow the steps below for this fabulous look:
1. Apply Sunkissed lip + cheek all along the temples and cheeks with a little dot on the forehead. Then blend with your fingers, a beauty blender, or makeup brush.
2. Next come the eyes. Start by patting a mint green eye shadow on the lid, then blend gently. You can also use purple, blue, or any other color that you think looks just as magical.
3. Apply Sunkissed to your lips to give them a pop of color.
4. Lastly, pat a little All that Glitters on the cheeks to add sparkle.
Stunning am I right!? Will you go all out and get a unicorn suit? Or will you just add a horn to complete your look? Either way this unique makeup will blow everyone away!
We can't wait to see what you all come up with for Halloween this year! For even MORE costume ideas, check out our list for 2020. Don't be afraid to go all out this year! These make-up looks will certainly help! Lastly, check out @beautywithjocelyn for more make-up tutorials, product suggestions, and Halloween looks. It's the best time of year to get spooky!
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