Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Kortni Jeane
Sometimes our creativity levels are at a low and we get it! It’s the worst feeling when October rolls around and you’re desperately searching “easy Halloween costumes” on the internet trying to find something you can manage. We’ve got you covered this year! We got creative with our swimmers and these costumes turned out better than we ever imagined! These ideas are simple, don’t require extensive sewing or crafting, and won’t break the bank! We can’t wait to show you our ideas! Let’s do this!
Flintstones Halloween costume


The Flintstones are classic! This costume is super easy for a group and can be modified for anywhere from 2-6 people. Here's what you'll need:


  • orange shirt
  • blue tie
  • orange, brown, or cheetah shorts
  • black spots

For Fred you'll need to start with an orange outfit. You can get orange shirts like this one at any craft store for about $5. That paired with orange, brown, or even cheetah shorts fits Fred's character perfectly. Once you have your base outfit, simply cut out black cardstock or felt dots in abstract triangular shapes and hot glue them on the shirt. For an extra detail, you can also cut the bottom of the shirt to look more like Fred Flintstone. If you're saving the shirt for another occasion, go ahead and skip this step. Last of all, loosely tie a blue tie around his neck and there you have it! Fred in the flesh!


  • white dress
  • chunky white necklace

Wilma is the easiest of all! You'll need a white outfit, preferably a white dress. If you already have a white chunky necklace you're all set, but if not we have a hack! For our necklace we used ping pong balls! As funny as it sounds, it worked! You can either punch holes on each side and string them on to make a necklace or hot glue the sides of each ping pong ball together for a more shapely piece. Gluing them together worked especially well for photos. Last but not least, throw your hair up in a messy bun and you're all set!


  • green top
  • blue bottoms
  • black spots
  • bones for hair
For Pebbles' outfit you'll need a green top and blue bottoms. Our Mini Swing top works perfectly for this costume! You can also use denim shorts for the bottoms or even light blue leggings. Next, you'll follow the same steps as we did for Fred, cutting out abstract dots from paper or felt and hot gluing them on the top. Once you're done with the outfit, you can't miss the hair! Pebbles hair is in a high pony so we put our mini model's hair in a messy bun. Then, simply weave in the bones like chopsticks and your look is complete!


  • purple top + bottom
  • black spots
  • collar
Dino can wear anything from purple to magenta. We used our Wine color from Faraway Places because it was a great match. Once you have a purple outfit, add the black spots {just like Fred and Pebbles} wherever you want. For an extra step, you can create Dino's collar either from a collar you have around the house or a spare headband. You never know how far your imagination and felt can take you! Now Dino is done!
    There you have it - a simple Flintstones family group costume! You can add other characters in to match, like Betty, Barney, and Bam Bam! Or cut it down to just a couple's costume. Do whatever suits you this Halloween!
    tourists halloween costume


    If you're looking for a last minute costume, this is it! You can go as crazy or as simple as you'd like, either way you'll have a great costume for the season. This is one of our favorite couples costumes, but you can also go solo! Here's what you'll need:

    • button down shirt (the crazier the pattern the better!)
    • swimsuit (for women)
    • shorts or swim trunks (for men)
    • fanny pack
    • sunscreen
    • sunglasses
    • hat
    • leis
    • camera
    What makes this so easy? Most of us already have these items andthere's no crafting or sewing needed! And better yet, who wouldn't want another excuse to wear a KJ swimmer?! So throw on a swimsuit, shorts, and a button down, grab your accessories/props, and take a selfie! The dorkier the better with this getup! You're ready to go in minutes!Under the Sea Octopus and Jellyfish halloween costume


    We just couldn't resist this adorable "under the sea" themed costume! Who knew an octopus and jellyfish duo could be so cute!? Here's what you'll need for each:
    • tentacles
    • outfit to match
    • hat
    • giant googly eyes
    • bubbles
    These octopus tentacles and jellyfish tentacles from Hanna Anderson were just too cute to pass up! Once you have those (or something similar) as the main part, find an outfit to match. This can be a swimmer, leggings and a t-shirt, or even a cute dress. Get creative and see what fits in under the sea. Next, we used a baseball cap and beanie for the eyes. We snagged some 2-inch googly eyes at the craft store and hot glued them to the hats. This costume just wouldn't be complete without...BUBBLES! This is especially fun for little ones and it takes their costume to the next level! What do you think? Will you be doing this with the kids this year!? You can even add in a starfish, mermaid, clown fish, or any other creature from under the sea! Make it yours!
    jasmine disney princess halloween costume
    Princess Jasmine for the heroine win! You can make this costume as simple or as elegant as you'd like! In general, you'll need:
    • blue outfit
    • inflatable tiger OR stuffed animal
    • gold earrings
    • blue headband
    • hair ties
    We knew we needed to start with a solid blue outfit so of course we had to snag our gorgeous Encore Light Blue! You can opt for a blue dress, flowy pants, or anything else you already own for an easier option. Next we can't forget the hair! Jasmine has a flawless bubble pony, which will really help your costume make a statement! Make sure to give your pony lots of volume! We love these tutorials so check them out! After you're done with the hair it's time to accessorize! Jasmine typically wears large golden drop shaped earrings, but any gold earring will do. For her statement hairpiece, we simply used a blue tie and hot glued a yellow cutout onto it as a stand in her royal jewel. You can also make your own like this one. Now for the final addition, Rajah! We used our favorite glitter tiger float but you could also use a stuffed animal. There you have it, a costume fit for a strong princess!
      candy corn halloween costume
      Another last minute costume you ask!? We're on it! This candy corn combo is adorable and as easy as 1, 2, 3! What you'll need:
      • white bottoms
      • orange top
      • 24" x 24" sheet of paper
      • orange + yellow + white construction paper
      • glue + string
      Don't let the crafting supplies scare you! This is a costume anyone can make! Start by finding a white and orange outfit. Our Ribbed White and Dark Orange paired perfectly for this! Then comes the final step - the candy corn hat. Here's our step by step guide for how we made ours:
      1. Start with a base of construction paper. This can be any color (yellow, orange, or white looks best). You'll want this to be a large piece (ours was 24" x 24") to ensure you have plenty to work with.
      2. Shape the large sheet into a party hat. It will look pretty crazy at first with a very uneven bottom, but the most important thing is that it's in the shape of a cone with a base big enough to sit on top of your head. Tape the hat into place.
      3. Next, fold the hat in half. Don't be afraid of the crease, it adds to the hat!
      4. Once folded, cut the bottom to form a straight line. This should be at the widest portion to ensure it fits on your head. Next, cut the top to round it. You should now have a candy corn shape.
      5. Next, trace the candy corn onto each colored sheet of paper starting with yellow for the bottom, orange for the middle, and white for the top.
      6. Cut and paste these stripes onto the hat with glue.
      7. Punch holes in the side & put the string through to finish off.
      That's all! The cute candy corn costume is a classic you can keep around and reuse for years to come!
      nancy drew halloween costume
      Nothing says fall mystery like Nancy Drew! For this costume you'll need:
      • retro outfit
      • neutral colored sweater
      • penny loafers
      • head band
      • glasses (optional)
      • magnifying glass
      • book
      This costume is all in the details! You can find cheap props online or at your local craft or Halloween store. Once you've gathered all of the best props you can find, it's time to put together your outfit! We've seen her rocking neutrals, plaid, turtle necks, collars, and penny loafers so if you have any of these hanging around this is the time to use them! We tied the sweater around her neck for a classy effect. Paired with our Who Wears Short Skirts this look really came to life! In all, don't forget to use your props and really get creative!
      ghostbusters group halloween costume
      We saved the best for last, am I right?! This Ghostbusters group costume is to die for! We used the latest Ghostbusters movie starring the fabulous team of women for our inspiration. What will you need to create the look?
      When we saw how well our Faraway Places Ribbed Warm Taupe went with this costume we knew we had to make it happen! The Ghostbuster team typically wears a full taupe colored suit like this, but if you're not willing to take the dive for these swimmers, you can make your own with some khakis and a t-shirt from the thrift store. Next, we used some simple line-maker tape to tie around and create a reflector effect. This reflector tape would be another great option. To complete the look, we purchased these inflatable backpacks. You better believe these will get you into full character! Our models were having a blast with them! Doesn't this group costume rock!?
      That's all for this year! What amazing ideas do you have? Share them in the comments below! We especially love seeing all of your ideas come to life in our #kortnijeanehalloween costume contest so keep those entries coming! And may these fun ideas add to the best Spooktober ever!
      Kortni Jeane + Team


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