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Great Daily Routines - Kortni Jeane
It’s time to build and flex your confidence muscles! That’s right, those exceptionally confident people we know were not born confident – they got there through confidence-building routines. Just like eating a good breakfast, starting your day with a daily dose of confidence is the best way to start your day. We’ve come up with ways to give your confidence muscles the boost they need! Start working these ideas into your daily routines until you’ve built up the confidence you need! 
Shut Down ANT’s
Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) are one of the most harmful things for your self-esteem. We all experience negative thoughts but let’s get a handle on them first thing in the morning so they don’t drag down our entire day. Take a few minutes every morning to question the negative thoughts your brain is coming up with. When you figure out most of these thoughts are completely ridiculous, you’ll love how quickly they seem to disappear. 
You’ve shut down those negative thoughts, so it’s time to replace them with a self pep-talk! It may seem silly but you are your BEST cheerleader. Nobody can advocate for you the way you can. That means looking at yourself in the mirror and giving those great traits you have the attention they deserve! 
Learn New Skills
Learning a new skill is a  great shortcut to building self-confidence! So now that you’re ready for the day, spend your commute learning something new. Whether that’s listening to educational podcasts, learning a foreign language, or taking on challenging audiobooks, you’ll see your confidence grow. And you just might win trivia games in the near future. 
Set a Date with Yourself
Being by yourself gives you the chance to focus and think more clearly! If your life feels hectic, make yourself a top priority and schedule alone time first thing in the morning. Or if your morning’s are unrealistic, set time aside later in your day for YOU! Your confidence oftentimes comes from your ability to put yourself first so never miss that date with yourself.
Dress to Slay
We all know that dressing well makes us feel 100 times more confident! So dress better than usual on the days that you need to flex some confidence. You don’t need to spend a lot of money but looking your best before you walk out the door will give you the self-esteem you need to take on your day. And the compliments that we might get that day are always a plus! 
We think you are amazing and hope you believe it! Our hope here at Kortni Jeane is that all women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, in and out of a swimsuit. You are enough and can give these confident-building routines a try on those days when you need those confidence muscles! Do you have any confidence-building routines? Comment below to share them with us!
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