Black History Month with Kids

Black History Month with Kids - Kortni Jeane
Black History Month is here and we’re so excited! We love the opportunity this month brings to honor and celebrate the accomplishments, history, and culture of Black Americans. But how do we get our littles involved in a way that is fun and meaningful for them? Today we’ve pulled together ideas to involve your kiddos in celebrating such an important month. Check ‘em out! 
Make African-Inspired Recipes
A great way to get to know a culture is by making and enjoying their food. Take a dive into African-inspired cuisine from South Africa, Nigeria, Haiti, Jamaica, or Southern America and find dishes to try with your family. Have your kids help you decide which recipes to make and encourage them to get in on the fun (with your guidance!) You could try to make one meal every week throughout the month of February to celebrate African American culture. 
Read Children’s Books Authored by/about African Americans
There are so many children’s books that celebrate Black history in ways that all ages can understand. The picture book Carter Reads the Newspaper is a great place to start as a simple biography of Carter G. Woodson, the Father of Black History Month. Or dive into A is for All the Things You Are for a book that celebrates what makes us unique as individuals and connects us as humans. For more books written by African American authors, click here
Study Influential African Americans Based on Your Kid’s Interests
Do your kiddos love music, art, or reading? Whatever it is your child is passionate about, honor Black History Month by using it for study of black culture. For example, if your kids like music, talk about jazz and listen to Miles Davis or Duke Ellington. If your kids are a little older, read and discuss poems by Langston Hughes or Maya Angelou. There are many areas your kids could study with your help based on their interests! 
Check Out Local Children’s Museums
Many Children’s Museums celebrate Black History Month with exhibits dedicated to Black history and culture. Many museums are shifting to virtual programming in the face of pandemic restrictions, which means you can find a lot of kid-friendly virtual museum exhibits and activities! Learn more about Black history in Sports, checkout virtual portraits of African Americans, or explore Black history and culture on Google Arts & Culture. If you can find a local exhibit, don’t wait to make a reservation for you and your kiddos!
Make a Handprint Heart
Get creative with an art project that honors the beauty of different skin colors and diversity. Using construction paper of multiple skin tones, trace your child’s hand several times and cut it out. Next, cut a large heart out of butcher paper (any color works but we recommend choosing different colors than your hands). Then help your child glue the hands in the shape of a heart along the edges of your butcher paper. As a final step, talk to your child about how beautiful it is that we are all different colors and any other lessons you think are important for celebrating diversity.  
So are you ready to celebrate?! We’re so excited to get our kiddos involved in celebrating Black History Month! It celebrates diversity, unites us together in the best possible way, and it helps us understand the importance of our stories. Which idea do you think you’ll try this month? All of them?! Let us know in the comments if you give any of them a try and how it went! 
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