Getting Organized for 2022

Getting Organized for 2022 - Kortni Jeane
With a new year comes all kinds of plans, goals, and resolutions. That’s why we’re keeping it simple and starting with something straightforward. One of the best and easiest ways to feel refreshed for the new year is to declutter and organize your space. But to keep it simple and more manageable, we’re coming at you with three tips that you can use towards any space. So whether you’re hoping to take on your car, closet, or pantry, check out these easy ways to organize yourself for 2022.
Take Everything Out 
The best and most direct way to declutter a space is to start by taking everything out. With a fresh and empty slate, you’ll be able to know what to keep and how you want to organize it. Be honest with yourself and learn to let things go. Do you use it, need it, love it? If not, it’s time to say goodbye (either to a garbage bag or to a donation box). Once you start keeping things, evaluate where they need to go immediately. Avoid letting them sit around and become one more pile you need to sort through.  
Keep it Simple 
As you organize all the items you decide to keep, keep it simple. Everything you’re organizing should be accessible, and kept in a place that is functional. Make use of pull out bins, tiered shelving, baskets, bars, hooks, or small storage caddies. Having a bunch of stacked boxes or other items may look pretty when you first organize everything but getting to that bottom box will require a lot of effort. Ideally, you want every item accessible in just one step. For items you use less frequently, you can use two step storage too. Just remember, the simpler the storage and the less time involved, the better!
Modify if Needed
Organized spaces should be easy to keep with a few minor adjustments to habits. If you find that your organized space is starting to get cluttered again, ask yourself these questions: Is there too much stuff in the space? Are items difficult to access? Are things getting put back in the wrong spot? Once you’ve figured out your problem, you can make some tweaks to get everything organized again. Don’t give up – sometimes a change or two makes a big difference. 
2022 is in full swing and we don’t want you to worry about a thing! With these three little tips, you can declutter and organize any space, from kitchens to toy rooms. With a little less hassle around your spaces, you’ll be set to do all the other great things you want to accomplish this year. Or better yet, you’ll have more time to rock those KJ swimmers this year! 
What are your decluttering and organizational tips? Let us know below!
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