Everything You Need to Know About Kortni Jeane

Everything You Need to Know About Kortni Jeane - Kortni Jeane
New to the Kortni Jeane crew?! Welcome!!
We’re so excited to have you as a part of this positive community that embraces and uplifts one another. Kortni started Kortni Jeane in hopes of building women up while also creating swimsuits that we feel bomb in! We cannot express enough how much we appreciate the support we receive from so many of you ♡ And to help you feel like a part of the crew, we’re coming at you with all you need to know about Kortni Jeane, check it out! 
We offer a swimwear line that is fun and playful yet cute and functional. No matter your body type, we want you to feel comfortable and confident putting on a swimsuit! That’s why we’re all about the crop top + high-waisted bottom life! All of our swim tops are crop tops, making it easy to mix n’ match every style with our unique high-waisted bottoms. We currently have 9 different styles of tops and 10 different styles of high-waisted bottoms, giving you total freedom to mix n’ match your favorite styles together, making your swimmer totally unique! But that’s not all…
To keep our swimmers as unique as possible so they’re perfect just for YOU, we keep very LIMITED quantities in each color + prints. These days we release all new colors + prints every 3-6 weeks and when they sell out they’re GONE and new options are then released! This way when you buy a KJ swimmer you don’t have to worry about matching anyone else on your water adventures! So whether you like color-blocking, pattern mixing, or wearing a mix + match of both solid colors and patterns, you’re bound to find your dream swimmer that’s made just by you. {It’s like buying a custom suit without the cost}.
Flatlay of a swim top.
Hold up! You’re not the only one who can get in on the mix + match action! Alongside our women’s tops + bottoms, we offer swimmers for the whole family! Just call us your one stop swim shop for your entire crew! We’ve got swimmers for mini girls, mini men, babies, and for the leading men in your life.
And that’s not even the best part; we offer the same colors + prints for everyone! That means you can coordinate your favorite colors + prints to coordinate,  mix + matching, or be completely unique with everyone in your crew. Talk about unique and fun!   
The magic doesn’t even stop there! We have unique accessories and extras that will up your swimmer game, every time! From bags to water floaties to two-in-one makeup sticks, we have all the odds and ends you’re looking for! And don’t even get us started on our natural and super effective stain stick. We just can’t get enough of our extras + swim accessories. 
So much goes into the magic of Kortni Jeane. Long days, late nights, many hands, details on details, all so it looks seamless from the outside. Our stellar team is here to help you create a suit that is unique to your personality. Doesn’t matter if you are reading poolside or rafting the river, KJ swimmers are ready for any adventure! From endless combos to choose from you’re sure to mix + match a swimsuit you not only look good but feel good in! 
So go ahead. Get lost in the fun of creating the swimmer of your dreams! Once it arrives on your doorstep and you put that KJ swimmer on for the first time you’ll know the decision you made was the right one! And then you’ll want more… 
Kortni + Team


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