Fun Date Ideas that Need a Swimmer

Fun Date Ideas that Need a Swimmer - Kortni Jeane
Time to take Kortni Jeane along on your next date! That’s right, these swimmers are comfortable and fill us with confidence so why not bust them out for date night?? Whether it’s summertime or still in the winter months, we’ve got you covered with some great date ideas that require a swimmer. Kortni Jeanne is about late nights, memories, and love interests so get ready to enjoy as many of these ideas as you can! 

Dinner for Two

Whether grilling outdoors or sharing take-out from a favorite restaurant, enjoy a meal together poolside or right on the beach. 

Movie Night

Instead of going to the theater, grab a projector and project a movie onto the side of your house or wall by the pool! Throw in a couple of pool floaties or just swim around and enjoy your movie.


You’ll really lock in some memories by snorkeling together. Bring an underwater camera to capture your finds and whoever finds the coolest-looking sea creature gets ice cream from the loser. 

Washing Cars

Love is found in the mundane, so why not wash your cars together? Not only are you checking an item off your chore list, but you’ll find you really enjoy talking with and working alongside your date! 

Paddle Boarding

Rent or buy some stand-up paddle boards and take them on the lake or down a river. You’ll love chatting with each other as you go and may end up trying to push each other over. You’ve been warned. 

Hot Springs

Find a local hot spring and make a night of it. You can hike there together, enjoy each other’s company as you soak, and grab a bite to eat afterward.

Slip N Slide

You can make your own or buy one online, but nothing beats a slip n slide. These dates are pure fun and can lead to the cutest moments. 

White Water Rafting

Hear us out. White water rafting is so fun, this date will be unforgettable. You’ll have moments to talk when the water is calm, and then get ready to fight for your lives together! 

Water Park

If you really like your date, why not spend most of the afternoon at a waterpark? You can enjoy slides together, get to know one another while you’re waiting in line, and even enjoy park food together. 

Shell Hunt

If you’re close to the coast, dawn your swimsuits and go hunting for shells. Be mindful of rules as some beaches as you not to take the shells, but you can still hunt for some cool ones and enjoy spending time together. 
Before you know it, you’ll be snagging new swimsuits for you and your date! (Whether you go matchy-matchy or coordinating is entirely up to you!) Something about sporting a Kortni Jeane swimmer on a date just makes our hearts soar. What other piece of clothing can fill you with such confidence and help you feel more comfortable and relaxed? We don’t know either!
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