Caring for Your Swimmers After Hot Tubbing

Caring for Your Swimmers After Hot Tubbing - Kortni Jeane
Caring for Your Swimmers After Hot Tubbing
Whether it’s an excuse to wear your swimmer in the middle of winter, joining in with friends or getting rid of sore muscles, we love a dip in the hot tub! Some of the very best memories are made in jacuzzis! As great as hot tubs are, they have a bad reputation for damaging swimsuits over time. When you find a swimmer that fits your personality + body type perfectly, you want it to last forever! But does that mean you have to avoid hot tubs altogether?! Not necessarily. Here is a step by step guide for keeping your favorite swimmer looking fresh and making them last even after trips in the hot tub.

Buy a swimmer that will last:

Hot tubs have chemicals and high temperatures that are tough on swimmers, so you’ll need to buy a swimsuit that will last through it all. In fact, we recommend choosing a swimmer that’s made with durable fabrics, like nylon. Nylon is a material that doesn't fade as quickly, especially in hot tubs. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun so our swimmers are the perfect blend of nylon and spandex so they last season after season. Not only do they last longer and hold up better in chlorine systems, they’re also as fun and unique as can be. 

Before hot tubbing:

  1. Before you wear your swimmer into chlorine for the first time, we recommend soaking it in vinegar first. Crazy right? If you soak your swimmer for 30 minutes in a mixture of vinegar and water (1 tbsp vinegar per 1 quart water), it’ll help set the color and prevent fading from swimming pool or hot tub chlorine and sunlight. We generally recommend not wearing new or bright swimmers in the hot tub since some bright colored swimmers are more likely to bleed or fade in color. However, with a little prep, you can make it less likely that your swimmer will bleed. 
  2. Rinse your swimmer off before you swim! Remember those signs at public swimming parks that ask you to rinse off before you start swimming? There’s a reason for it! Running your swimmer under cool water before you swim will keep the fabric from absorbing so much chlorine. Plus, rinsing off bodily residue and beauty products will maximize the life of the hot tub water! So don’t forget to shower off real quick before jumping in.
Caring for Your Swimmers After Hot Tubbing

Hot tub time:

  1. While sitting in the hot tub, avoid sitting right by the jets or playing in them (like when we were kids). The jets are powerful and great on sore muscles and knots, but they do tend to stretch out your swimmer fabric. Plus, your swimmer is sure to absorb even more chlorine in the areas where the strong jet hits. 
  2. On another note, enjoy yourself in the hot tub! Catch up with friends, take a moment to relax from the daily hustle & bustle of life, and let your stress levels shrink. Hydrotherapy helps in relaxing muscles, relieving muscle pain, lowering blood pressure, and even arthritis relief. Hot tubs have so many benefits socially, emotionally, and physically. They deserve more than just a bad rep.   

After hot tubbing:

  1. Right after swimming rinse your swimmer with water. You could do this in a bathroom shower, or even quick rinse it the a sink. Rinsing it afterwards gets rid of a little bit of chlorine that has been absorbed by your swimmer and will help to preserve the fabric + color. 
  2. When you're back at home, give your swimmer a good hand-wash to keep the chlorine from damaging them.  You can wash your swimmer in a sink or bathtub, but avoid using the washing machine. Rinse your swimmer in cold to lukewarm water before gently working in your soap or detergent. From there, rinse the suds out of your swimmer before hanging it to dry. 
  3. Always hang dry your swimmer! Never throw it into a machine washer or dryer. The agitation and heat that comes from these machines cause fibers to break down more quickly. If you want your swimmer to live a long life, give it the love of hand-washing and hang drying. 
  4. Allow swimmers to fully dry before putting them on again. Spandex is a memory fabric and takes 24 hours to completely set back into place. Wearing them again before it is dry will only stretch it out more.
We hope these tips + tricks help you get the most out of your swimmer, especially after a dip in the hot tub. In fact, we even recommend having a designated swimmer for hot tubs, hot springs, and other activities that could damage your suit. That way you only have to focus on the extra care for one swimmer while the rest will be worry free. As one final note, we also recommend not using a swimmer with sand remnants from past beach trips in a hot tub. Not only will it wear on your swimmer quicker, but the sand could also damage the hot tub/jets. 
Which one of our tips were the most helpful? Let us know below! 
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