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Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Whether it be on Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming platforms, there are so many places where we can binge-watch a variety of TV Shows. The real question is, which ones do we watch? Which shows are worth the time? Of course we want shows with many seasons, so we don’t have to wait for new ones. Plus, we want a series that will captivate our attention and characters that will win our hearts. So if you’re on the hunt for a new show to dive right into, check out this list we’ve made, just for you:  


Anne with an E

Ever heard of Anne of Green Gables? Well Netflix has given us the adventures of our young orphan Anne as she navigates her life on Prince Edward Island. With 3 seasons of drama, Anne with an E is an incredible coming-of-age series that has tons of important and relevant lessons for all of us. This show is a breath of fresh air that is really entertaining!

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has 3 {and soon to be 4} amazing seasons that will leave you wanting more! Set in the 80’s, Stranger Things follows a group of friends and the adults in their lives when one of those boys goes missing. This show is intense and will have you hiding under your blanket, but it’s well worth the watch. Plus, with a new season in the near future, you might as well start now!

This is Us

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia? Yes please! This is Us is a heartwarming and emotional story about a family with a set of triplets. The best part, it’s 6 seasons of jumping between the past, present, and future of the Pearson family. It’s fun to figure out what’s going on as you go, but the characters themselves will win your heart and frustrate you at times like they’re your very own family! 

A Million Little Things

Who doesn’t love a drama mixed with comedy and mystery? A Million Little Things is a new series about a group of friends who are suddenly motivated to live their lives more fully after the unexpected death of a close friend. With 2 seasons, you’re sure to feel some heart throbbing and belly aching from the drama and laughs.


While monsters and demons aren’t for everyone, two handsome brothers really makes for great entertainment. Supernatural has 15 Seasons to binge-watch with all the drama, horror, and eye-candy you need. With great storylines and plot twists, Supernatural follows two brothers hunting down the supernatural things that are trying to destroy the world. There’s even a handsome angel at the start of season 4, so you have that to look forward to! Trust us and give it a shot!

Grey’s Anatomy

Are you looking for a real binger with 17 seasons?! Well, Grey’s Anatomy is the best medical drama that you need to see in sequence to get the best out of it! As you fall in love with the characters, be mentally and emotionally prepared for something to go wrong. This show is all about romance and drama, so you get both 24/7. Make sure to grab some tissues because you’re definitely going to need them.

Gilmore Girls

Are you a lover of comedy and drama? Gilmore Girls is your show! Following the lives of a single mom and her daughter, this show offers 7 seasons of quirky, sweet, and beloved character development. Fans have fallen in love with this series for over a decade, and it won’t stop there. Give it a watch and you’ll see why! 

Parks & Recreation

If you love laughing and falling in love with your characters, Parks & Recreation is one of the best! With 7 seasons of mockumentary comedy, this show follows the Parks & Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana as the main character tries to improve her town and reach her goals. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, there’s no time like the present!

The Office (U.S.)

If you haven’t given The Office a shot, you may be surprised how many quotes you’ve already heard! With 9 seasons of mockumentary comedy available, The Office is centered around the ridiculous conflicts between coworkers. Most fans would agree that the funniest relationship is between Jim and Dwight, so you’ll have to check it out to see why!


Friends is a classic in our books -- no matter how many times we replay these episodes, it just gets funnier and funnier. With 10 wonderful seasons, this comedy follows six friends living in New York City, with all the ups and downs that life brings. It’s hilarious, the characters are relatable, and it never gets old.

Gossip Girl

Clothes, music, and New York City? Sign us up for 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, the dramatic and romantic series that’s like no other. The series began in 2007 and was ahead of its time with an anonymous blogger spreading rumors (and truths!) Expect to love some characters most of the time and hate them the next, because this show has a lot of drama!

The Blacklist

If you’re looking for a new riveting crime show, The Blacklist is for you! With 8 seasons of riveting episodes, this dramatic thriller focuses on a criminal-turned-informant and his unusual partnership with our strong female lead. This show is truly compelling if you’re looking to be on the edge of your seat! 


Well there you have it! If you’re looking for a new show to watch & there are a few on this list that you haven’t tried, today is your day! With all this new downtime, it might be worth checking out shows you may have never watched before. Do you have any other shows that are binge-worthy that we should add to the list? Let us know below!



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