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Best Swim Tops For Nursing

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One of the most common questions we get is, "what tops are best for nursing?" No worries, we have got the answer. We will break it down for you and let you know the details in each top that makes it a winner!
The Flounce Top, Off the Shoulder, and Scalloped , V-Neck, Tied-Up, scoop back and Latter Back Top
The Flounce, Off the Shoulder, and Scalloped , V-Neck, Tied-Up, Scoop Back and Latter Back Top's are all very similar with their functions. Each have sleeve/straps that are easy to slide on and off. Because of this, it makes it very simple and easy when you need to nurse! Each has a build in bra, allowing you to be a bit more  covered if you need it. 
Swing Top & Ruffled Around Top
The swing top and ruffled around top are also great options to easily slide off the sleeves, but they also are great for a bit more coverage. With the swing top, it has a double layer underneath, so that you can nurse your baby, while still having the layer of coverage over. The Ruffled around top is similar as well with the ruffle over the chest, and the extra coverage underneath. 
Not only are each of these tops great for when you're nursing, but are great options to keep around at all time!
So what do you think?? Which Top are you gonna rock that nursing time in?
Check them out here!
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