The Benefits of High-Waisted Swimsuits

The Benefits of High-Waisted Swimsuits - Kortni Jeane
the benefits of high-waisted swimsuits
High-Waisted swimsuits are our specialty! There are so many benefits to this exclusive style that we just can't seem to get enough. Here are our 7 favorite things about wearing high-waisted swimsuit bottoms: 
high waisted swimsuit in pink grapefruit
1) Your bottoms won't fall off - Trust me, comparing bikini bottoms to high-waisted ones is very disappointing. They fly right off when the first wave hits you. Since high-waisted bottoms cling to your natural waist, they don’t easily slip over your curves (no matter how big or small they are) and fall down. If you need further proof, read these stories submitted by our followers of the Top 10 Swimsuit Malfunctions they experienced before wearing Kortni Jeane Swimmers. They make for a good laugh and a reminder that swimsuit bottoms are meant to stay put.
high waisted swimsuits from Kortni Jeane
2) Comfort - High-waisted swimmers give you plenty of freedom to move around without worrying about your swimsuit slipping up or down. For women, the high-waisted fit feels much more natural than anything else because it hugs your hips. They feel supportive in all the right places and they're so comfortable you're never going to want to take them off!
kortni jeane maternity friendly high waisted swimsuit bottoms
3) Maternity friendly - Our regular high-waisted bottoms allow some stretch for the beginning of your pregnancy. For your second and third trimesters, however, we offer exclusive Maternity bottoms with special added elasticity to grow with you. They fit right up until you're full term and ready to deliver. Plus, they're so comfortable for your maternity and postpartum body that you'll be swimming all through your pregnancy and after!
 high waisted swimsuit bottoms
4) Reduces irritation - High waisted bottoms offer much more coverage than bikini bottoms, making it much less likely for your sensitive skin to get irritated and develop rashes from the sand and sun. When planning a trip to the beach, this is truly a game changer!
high waisted swimsuit bottoms
5) Flattering A lot of swimsuit bottoms are tight beneath your belly-button, showing off the natural pooch that most women have. High-waisted bottoms are different however because they smooth right over that area and create a much more comfortable fit for moving around and not worrying about belly rolls hiding your itsy-bitsy bikini bottoms. They really are flattering on all figures because they fall at your natural waist, showing off your figure, no matter what size or shape you are.
high waisted swimsuit bottoms
6) More room for cute patterns - On most women’s swimsuits, the focus is on the top because that’s the biggest part. The bottoms serve their purpose but kinda get forgotten about. Wearing high-waisted bottoms that rise higher than regular swimsuit bottoms creates a lot more opportunity to have two different patterns, mix ‘n match colors, and bring in different styles, like our Peplum bottoms, Tie-Up-Front bottoms, & Flower Cutout bottoms.
kortni jeane high waisted swimsuit bottoms
7) They're unique - Bikini styles, I’ve seen ‘em all before. High waisted swimsuits, however, are genuinely unique. 
Because there are so many benefits to high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, we’re keeping them around for the long run. They’re unique to our style and we love all the benefits they bring. Even our our Skirted One-Piece and High-Waist One-Piece feature a fitted high-waist line so you can enjoy the same benefits. What’s your favorite thing about wearing our high-waisted swimmers?
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    Love your suits! Would really like to see feedback on fit from customers to better help me order the correct size. Maybe you could include that on your website?

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