Baby gear: 10 Must-haves

Baby gear: 10 Must-haves - Kortni Jeane

I couldn't be more thrilled to grow my little family and welcome a little boy into the world in just a few short weeks! I am to be a first-time mama but I have gathered a list of must-haves for baby gear based on YOUR recommendations! So although I have not personally been able to put these products to use yet, they come with shining stars from mamas who have tested + tried these goods and found them to be a need! We have felt an overwhelming response of support and I feel so blessed to have a community so willing to share their experiences with me along the way as we start to our family. 

Here are TEN items that have been the most recommended by mamas in their must-have GEAR for little ones:

1 // Rocker
3 // Crib 
6 // Sling 


What am I missing?? With the baby coming just around the corner its time to get my crap together in hopes of being semi-prepared for our little addition! I would love to hear what you just can't do without for your little one in the comments below!

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  • Mary-Margaret on

    Nose Frida!!! (the snot sucker) ha!! It’s better (and a lot cleaner) than the bulb!

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