10 Reasons to Love Fall

10 Reasons to Love Fall - Kortni Jeane

10 reasons to love fall


Summer is our season, as you all know! But fall takes close second! Leaving the warm, sunny season of summer can feel hard, like the best is behind you. But there are so many reasons to celebrate fall, even if it is the segway into cold weather. Bring on the autumn favorites, from food to wardrobes! We’ve made a list of things we love about fall and our reasons why fall comes next to summer as our favorite season.  

Cuddle Time

We don’t know if it’s the temperature changing or the happy festive atmosphere but it’s just cuddle season, you know? Snuggle up next to a bonfire, on the couch for a night of Netflix, or on the porch to watch the stars. Don’t forget your coziest blanket and loungewear!  

No Sweat

No more walking outside and sweating immediately in the dog days of summer. The crisper, just-right weather hardly ever gives way to perspiration, meaning you naturally feel more comfortable and at ease this season. And if you’re not a fan of the cold at all, this is your chance to get in all the outdoor activities you can before winter’s icy grip takes hold!

Great Activities

While we still have to take Covid restrictions into account, there are still great activities that are exclusive to fall. Some of our favorites are apple picking, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and hay rides! The fall season activities are simply the best! They’re fun, easygoing, and casual. We don’t know if travel will get back to normal anytime soon, but if you look online you’re most likely to find local fall activities in your own community! And luckily, a lot of them are outdoors!   

Top-Notch Treats

Foodie or not, fall is the best time for seasonal treats. You’ll see apple cider doughnuts, as well as cinnamon, caramel and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Yum! Even hot chocolate, which may be considered a winter treat, can be enjoyed in public as soon as September hits! So whether you're a baker or just a treat eater, get excited! Your fall favorites are coming!   

Fall Wardrobe

Dark mornings and cold nights may be upon us, but that means more sweaters and boots! Fall is the time to clean out your wardrobe, throwing away anything that hasn’t been worn in the last twelve months, and filling it with the pieces you love. From plaid shirts to oversized sweaters and leggings to boy jeans, dive into the fun of a crispier weather wardrobe. 
10 Reasons to Love Fall


From pumpkin pecan waffles to cozy sweater weather, candles are meant to be lit during the fall season. Get lost in the fun of shopping for and smelling the wonderful scents available to you! Then when you find some you love, light it up! The warm glow and fragrance will illuminate your space to set the perfect autumn mood. Mmm sounds cozy.

Leaves + Colors

Hiker or not, fall is the perfect time to take to the trails and look up! You’ll be met with bright reds, oranges, yellows and browns across beautiful mountain scenes. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than the crisp sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet during the fall season. Throw on some good hiking boots, or just cute booties if you’re not going very far and go enjoy the colorful fall scenery! 

Daylight Saving Time

So you wake up at 6:00am, feeling like you want to stay in bed just a touch longer. Then reality hits! “It’s Daylight Saving Time! I still have an hour to sleep!” Then you snuggle back into your pillow + blankets, already warm from sleeping. It really is the best feeling.

Prime Dating Time

Did you know that fall is also known as "cuffing" season as it’s the time of the year when people become extremely motivated to get “coupled up?!” As the temperature drops, the number of couples rises! Many people get into a relationship during the fall as they are more prone to get out and enjoy those fall activities. It helps that autumn is also cuddle season, if you know what I mean. No pressure at all but if you want to get out there to find your cuddle buddy, fall season is the perfect time to do it! {If things go well, you may just have someone to bring to Thanksgiving dinner!} 


We’ve saved the best for last! To say that Kortni is obsessed with halloween would be an understatement. Dressing up, decorating and trick-or-treating is all fun and games but it’s definitely not just for kids! We here at Kortni Jeane always go all out in October and have so many fun things planned every year! Stay tuned! Even the #kortnijeanehalloween costume contest is going strong but we're not stopping there, witches! 
Raise of hands for anyone who’s excited that fall is here! It can be hard to say goodbye to summer, but fall breaks it to us gently with its many many perks. Besides, you can still hot tub or take a bath in your Kortni Jeane swimmer, no matter the season! What else do you love about the fall season? Let us know below! 
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