Your Body is a Great Body

Your Body is a Great Body - Kortni Jeane
Body positivity is for both women and men of all shapes and sizes – we all deserve representation! Everyone has struggled with body image at some point of their lives. It can be frustrating no matter your personality or experience. Today we’re here to tell you that whether you’re a man, woman, teenager, or child, your body is a great body. And that’s not all: there is also no wrong way to have a body. 
Society tells us our differences are flaws but in reality that’s what makes you YOU! Whether it’s a different personality, style or body shape, the world is interesting and fun because we’re all so different. Body positivity is about letting go of any insecurities about your physical appearance and embracing who you are and what you look like. You can feel confident and comfortable in and out of a swimsuit, that is what we are here for!
If you want to change your body, make sure it’s because you want your body to be better, healthier, and stronger. There is no such thing as a bad body. Our hope is that we will be participants in changing the mentality most people have regarding their bodies and the bodies of others. Our desires for change need to come from love of the bodies we have, not from hatred or shame. 
Whether it’s weight, acne, hair, scars, physical disabilities, or self presentation, we must all learn to see the beauty in bodies and the person that has them. Being body positive means unlearning what the media and even other people say about these things. The truth is, it’s not our place to criticize or judge other people (or ourselves) for the body they (or we) have. No more hiding, no more ignoring, and no more shame! Love every part of your body! 
Cheers to more years of body positivity🍻 May we all remember how incredible every body is and how valuable every person truly is. We see you and we love you!
Kortni + Team


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