Winter Getaways and Escapes

Winter Getaways and Escapes - Kortni Jeane
What is it about Winter that gets us in the mood for travel?? Not only are we longing to rock our Kortni Jeane swimmers under the sun, but we’re also dreaming of hot tub sessions in wintery wonderlands. Lucky for us, with snow, beaches, mountains, cities, national parks, America has it all. So today we’re coming at you with four snowy winter getaways + four sunny winter escapes for all tastes. With these eight destinations, you’re bound to find the perfect getaway for the winter months! 
Looking to explore both the old and the new? San Antonio has spectacular parks, green spaces, festive seasonal events, local shopping, and memorable dining experiences for every occasion. Are you a history buff? The Alamo, the Riverwalk, and the five historic missions are just a few of the attractions this incredible place has to offer. And that’s not even the best part… the city’s temp typically stays above 60 degrees fahrenheit! San Antonio may just be the winter escape you’re looking for! 
Say goodbye to cold, snow, or rain and visit the country’s southernmost point - Key West! This tiny island is just a roadtrip away with winter temperatures between 64-80 degrees fahrenheit! Talk about an island paradise for anyone with a passion for sandy beaches + ocean dips. You can even enjoy art galleries, museums, and theaters alongside snorkeling, sailing, and other water adventures! And we hope you like seafood as the local lobster, shrimp, and freshly caught fish is life-changing! All in all, is there a better way to escape the winter blues??
Take a few days (or weeks) to explore the warm paradise of Page, Arizona, the center of our local favorite Lake Powel! The upper and lower Antelope Canyon is wildly busy except in the winter months, making it the perfect winter escape! There are beautiful slot canyons to visit and explore, unique Navajo Nation culture to be experienced, and a wide variety of lodging. You may have never heard about Page before but trust us, it’s worth a visit. 
Escape the cold and snow for sandy beaches, surfing, harbor cruises, or sailing adventures! San Diego’s 100 mile coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world and endless entertainment on land and in the water. This place has everything you need for a warm winter vacation so don’t wait to book your hotel or airbnb! 
Get ready for breathtaking scenery all-year-round, but especially during the winter months! From granite monoliths, waterfalls, lakes, and deep valleys, you’re bound to see some stunning views. Visit during the winter months to see the fairy-tale wonderland that is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in every direction. February is particularly grand as the setting sun ignites the frozen falls in a blaze of red-orange fire that is unbelievably beautiful. Whether you’re into luxury resorts or camping, Yosemite has it all for the best winter vacation! 
The next contender for best winter getaways is for ski bums everywhere (and snowboarders). Vail is a little town that boasts about being a favorite skiing destination, and for good reason! With over 5,000 acres of skiable slopes and breathtaking mountain scenery, Vail has everything for a memorable family winter vacation. Alongside skiing, you’ll also find shopping, dining, and lodging that suits all kinds of tastes. A few days in Vail could be one of the best vacations you’ve ever had! 
Filled with history, beautiful neighborhoods, and good food, Boston should definitely be on your list for a winter getaway! In the winter months, Boston is covered in a blanket of snow and is a real treat to visit with lots to see and do. With ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond and sightseeing on the Skywalk Observatory, Boston is a cozy escape in the winter. Explore the Faneuil Hall Marketplace for some good food or ask locals where they like to eat for an authentic Boston experience.
Hear us out. We may be biased because it’s home, but just come and see what we’re talking about! Bryce Canyon is one of THE MOST breathtaking national parks you will ever visit. And in the winter, it steps up its game. The rock faces are all shades of red, orange, and white with a dusting of snow that makes them incredibly beautiful. You can cross-country ski, snowshoe, ice skate, snowmobile, or even enjoy a sleigh ride through this 35,000 acre park. And lodging of all styles is readily available in and around the park! This is the ultimate winter getaway! 
Where are you traveling first? From sunny escapes to beautiful snowy getaways, there are so many places during the cold months of the year. Which place sounded the dreamiest to you? Drop a comment down below to place your vote! 
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