Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Heat - Kortni Jeane
We love living vicariously through all of you enjoying cruises, beach trips, and tropical vacations! Nothing beats soaking in extra sunshine while rocking your mixing or matching Kortni Jeane swimmers. But too much sun can be a bad thing if we’re not staying hydrated! Today we’re looking at ways to stay hydrated during the heat of summer. We’ve researched small and easy ways to make sure your body is getting all the water it needs, check ‘em out! 
Eat High Water Content Foods
Fun fact! Lots of foods have a high water content which means you can stay hydrated through eating the right foods! All whole fruits and vegetables have some water. So consider snacking on these bad boys to stay hydrated throughout summer: cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, spinach, strawberries, grapefruit, and watermelon! They all contain 90% water or higher and they’re all so tasty! 
Choose Water First
Traveling and spending time outside can be very dehydrating. It’s not easy to drink as much as your body needs when you’re on the go for summer! So whether you’re on a low-humidity airplane or getting lunch with a friend at your favorite restaurant, opt for water instead of coffee, sugary sodas, lemonade, energy drinks, smoothies, or milk. Tricky fact, many of these liquids work against hydration as they’re loaded with sugar, sodium, and other ingredients that remove water from your tissues. Swapping these out for more water is a great way to stay hydrated no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Always choose to order water first! 
Invest in Herhydration
Mixhers is making your water work harder! Herhydration is a hydrating mix-in that gives your water a flavor + hydrating boost! These tasty mix-ins come in three yummy flavors and give your body electrolytes and potassium but don't use sugars or additives to multiply the effects of water. During the heat and hustle of summer, Herhydration promotes recovery, supports cellular hydration, and gives you lasting energy. Who wouldn’t want that??
Rehydrate When You Sweat
Are you playing a sport or hiking this summer? It’s oh so important to drink water throughout any activity that makes you sweat. Hydrating properly means you need to get enough water before, during, and after extraneous activities. Humidity, how long you’ve exercised, and sweat rate are all factors to consider when it comes to hydration. According to the American Council on Exercise, we should be drinking 17oz of water two hours before exercise, 10oz every 10-20 minutes during exercise, and 8oz no more than 30 minutes after exercise. 
Cool Down
In order to stay hydrated, we have to regulate our body temperature! Under the summer sun, heat stroke is a real possibility. It is so important to wear light and loose-fitting clothing (preferably in light colors) so you can stay cooler during a warm summer day! Always protect yourself from the sun with hats and shade, take drink breaks often, and mist yourself with a spray bottle when you start to feel overheated. 

Know the Signs of Dehydration
Not sure if you’re staying hydrated? One great way to know is familiarizing yourself with the signs of dehydration: skin feels dry, irritated, inflamed, itchy, or sensitive; experiencing headaches, dizziness, or fatigue; muscle cramps, rapid breathing, fainting, or being able to pee. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, get out of the heat quickly and drink plenty of liquids. If your dehydration is ever severe, be sure to call 911!  
Drink Plenty of Water
We’ve saved the best for last! Drinking water is the number one and best way to stay hydrated during all your summer adventures. Daily water intake recommendations vary depending on your age, gender, and stage of life for our mamas, so be sure to know what is recommended for you!  But no matter who you are, be sure to drink a cup of water every morning, have a glass with every meal, and drink water gradually throughout the day. 
We hope you all stay safe, cool, and hydrated this summer! With these tips + tricks up your sleeves, you’re sure to enjoy every summer day soaking in the rays with a cold drink of water in your hand. What other things do you do to make sure you’re hydrated during your summer fun?! Give us your secrets below and we’ll add them to our list.
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