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Vacation Must-Haves - Kortni Jeane

If you’re dreaming about + planning your ultimate summer trip, you’ve got it right! This summer is the one for dream vacations! Since we’ve been planning right along with you, we’ve made a list of “must-haves” for your next vacation. Make that SEVEN lists of vacation “must-haves” -- why not plan seven different kinds of vacations?! We’re all for it! All of the items listed are so helpful but totally up to you! We have linked our favorite finds in case you’re interested! 

Beach Vacation Must-Haves

First and favorite are our must-haves for beach vacations! We often think about relaxing getaways with our toes in the sand  and a nice cool beverage in our hand. This means packing light, mix n’ matching beachwear as well as everyday wear, and being comfortable + stylish. So what should you pack to take full advantage of your beach getaway?
1. Face & Body Sunscreen - stay protected under the sun with clean + safe ingredients! And here’s one for baby!
2. Sunglasses - your eyes need protection + they’re a perfect accessory! Love these too!
3. Kortni Jeane Swimmers - bring two tops + two bottoms & you have four different looks!
4. The Tote - something big, durable, and machine washable! 
5. The Perfect Cover Up - so you can go between the beach & the town in a heartbeat! 
6. Matching Sets - mix n’ match tops, bottoms, and KJ Swimmers for lots of beach outfits.
7. Gigi Pip Straw Hat - talk about extra coverage with the perfect accessory! 
8. Comfortable + Neutral Shoes - match everything you have while packing light. 
9. Wet + Dry Portfolios & Simple Clutches - for snacks, electronics, you name it! 
10. Pop Up Shade - Make sure you and your minis have shade to relax under! 
International Vacation Must-Haves
If you’re on the hunt for the unknown, then you’re headed on an international adventure! From new places, new foods, and new cultures, international vacations are full of new experiences that you’ve never had before! We’ll make sure you’re prepared! 
1. Universal Travel Adapter - gotta be sure you can plug in your phones & cameras!
2. Thread Wallet Vertical Card Holder - put it in a safe place {not today pickpocket!} 
3. Fawn Design Passport Wallet - make sure your passport is secure & stylish.
4. Living Proof Dry Shampoo - the shower in your hostel might be cold. Use this instead!
5. To and Fro Packing Cubes - stay organized and travel light with these bad boys.
6. Bando Getaway Travel Pillow - some flights are killer without one of these! 
7. Wink Naturals Adult Sleep Melts - beat jet-lag and long flights with natural remedies! 
8. Mina Baie Harper - perfect lightweight bag for traveling. Definitely my go-to! 
9. JetKids - if you’re bringing your little ones, this is a game changer for flying!
10. Solly Baby Wrap - wear your baby through security, works 99% of the time! 
Check out Traveling with Baby for more tips + tricks! 
City Vacation Must-Haves
If you’re headed to the most popular cities in the world, like Paris, New York, or Rome, then we have a list of must-haves for you! There’s so much to do in a city, with historical sights and amazing restaurants, so it’s important to pack right! Here’s what we recommend:
1. Solid Comfortable Shoes - you’ll be walking your heart out, so prepare your feet! Love these too!
2. City Guide - decide beforehand what you want to see so you don’t run out of time! 
3. Fawn Design Pack - slim design, perfect for subways and keeping belongings safe!
4. Fawn Design Weekender - great carry-on bag! Can pack tons for the weekend!
5. Gigi Pip Felt Hat - blow city folk away in one of these. You’ll get compliments for days! 
6. Wink Energy - city life is all go go go! Keep up with natural energy! 
7. Cash - some of the best city markets only accept cash, so be sure to stock up! 
8. Raincoat - Depending on the time of year, it’s good to be prepared with a lightweight raincoat. 
9. Portable Charger - you’ll lose yourself in taking pictures! Be prepared with an external charger when your battery runs low. 
10. Baby Carrier - Got a baby with you? A carrier is a must for walking around the city! 
Cruise/Resort Must-Haves
Did somebody say Disney cruise?! We are so there! Cruises are like massive floating resorts that offer all the entertainment you’ll ever need. From pools to comedy acts to ziplines, cruises are great for those of us who just want to go with the flow. Here’s what we never leave behind:
1. Waterproof Phone Dry Bag - definitely want to snap some underwater pics for IG! 
2. Fawn Design Original - makes a perfect carry-on, pool bag, or excursion tote.
3. Wrap Top Rashguard - perfect for extra coverage on those island excursions! 
4. Teletie Hair Ties - keep your hair out of your face without kinking your hair!
5. Hanging Toiletry Bag - space is limited in that cruise ship bathroom! Hang it all up!
6. Day + Excursion Bag - carry a few things around the ship or your “all day long” needs! 
7. Brixley Bags + Packing Cubes - stay organized and compact with bags + cubes!
8. Bring Your Own Water - Get one for your kids and yourself to stay hydrated! 
9. Lanyards - don’t lose your keycards for your room or the pool! 
10. Kid + Baby Bonnets - protect the noggins of your minis with style! Your heart will melt!
Camping Vacation Must-Haves
Whether you’re headed to a national park, backpack camping off the trail, or hitting up a local campsite for the weekend, you’re still in for a fun adventure! Just imagine bonfire cook dinners + relaxing under the stars to unwind from reality and relax (without phone service preferably).
1. Quality Tent - you’ll need something that’s weatherproof + ventilated + easy to set up.
2. Sleeping Bag - stay warm and cozy in one of these top rated sleeping bags! 
3. Bear Butt Hammock - who needs a tent when you’ve got one of these bad boys?! 
4. Hydro Flask - keep drinks cold for hours or your morning hot cocoa warm with these!
5. Lightweight Hiking Backpack - anything that’s comfortable and something you’d love!
6. Camera - capture each moment + the amazing sites with your camera. Phones work too! 
7. Kortni Jeane Lip + Cheek - effortless makeup that’s easy to pack. Why not?!
8. Primally Pure Deodorant - you may not be able to shower, but still can smell amazing!
9. Flashlight + Headlamp - do yourself a favor and just get these! You’ll need them!
10. Insect Repellent - coming home with annoying bug bites is the worst! Save yourself!
Road Trip Must-Haves
We love a road trip! Road trip vacations let us take control of our lives and go wherever the road takes us! Whether it’s planned or spontaneous, road trips are also where you can find out if you truly enjoy another person’s company! But even if you’re not testing your relationship or friendship with someone, it’s still important to have the right tools & treats packed! 
1. The Road Trip Book - follow these entries for a true road trip adventure! 
2. Stanley Tumbler - fill up at gas stations & get your Diet Coke fix!
3. Snacks on snacks on snacks - we would literally die without these! 
4. Garbage Bags - you’d be surprised how many times we’ve needed them. 
5. Chapstick - traveling can dry out your lips so don’t forget your chapstick!
6. Empty Tote - use it to pick up goodies along the way (or to hold all your snacks)!
7. Pillow - grab your favorite pillow off your bed so you have it on the road. 
8. Comfy Clothes - I’m a sweatsuit, leggings, and baggy top girl on road trips! 
9. Audio Choices - playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks are so so important! 
10. Headrest iPad Mount - entertain your kids for hours with one of these {after you’ve run out of road trip games of course!}
Volunteering Must-Haves
Believe it or not, volunteering expeditions are very much vacations. You have the opportunity to experience new locations without trading (too much) money but rather trading your time. From building schools to restoring smiles, this type of vacation can be very fulfilling and rewarding. 
1. Hiking boots - you’ll want shoes that will hold up while you’re working hard!
2. Waterproof breathable jacket - for working in sometimes cold & rainy conditions!
3. Breathable pants + shorts - don’t buy super expensive clothes, cuz they will get wrecked! 
4. Insulated Water Bottle - splurge on a nice one or snag something cheaper. Both will work! 
5. Water Bottle Sling - you’ll love having your water hanging about while you work! 
6. Fanny Pack - so helpful to have all the essentials right there + out of the way! 
7. Cooling Water Stick + Refresher Wipes - these are heavenly after sweating all day!
8. Hand Sanitizer - keep the germs at bay in the new environment you’ll be working in. 
9. Bug Spray - keep the bugs at bay! Nothing’s more annoying than bug bites! 
10. Microfiber Towel - you’ll need a towel, and these are lightweight + travel friendly!
Which vacation will you plan first? We may very well plan for all of them, just so we’re ready! It’s exciting to dream about new cities, camping in the great outdoors, or finding fulfilling volunteer experiences! Let us know where you hope to travel to next below. Maybe we’ll meet you there! 
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