Up Close Look: Wrap Top Rashguard

Up Close Look: Wrap Top Rashguard - Kortni Jeane
Offering a variety of styles to match your unique personality, preference, and body type is our JAM! And one of those pieces Kortni was most nervous about has been an instant hit: the Wrap Top Rashguard! Talk about a style you can make your very own! Check out all the reasons the Wrap Top Rashguard should be your next go-to style: 
Layer your swimmer for those long days in the sun when you don’t want to skip a beat! Our Wrap Top Rashguard is a swimsuit crop top meant to be worn over another Kortni Jeane swim top - so it doesn’t include a shelf bra/padding and is unlined. That way, it gives you the coverage you need when you want it + can be stripped away when no longer needed! And it’s great for those winter days ahead when you have to trudge through the cold to get to the hot tub! So whether you’re cold or need protection from the sun, our rashguard has got you covered! 
Not only does the Wrap Top Rashguard give you more time to enjoy that sunshine worry free, but you can wear it any way you choose! Wear it front or back for your desired coverage + tie that darling bow wherever you wish! The wrap ties around the waist and can be tied to the side, in the front, or tucked into the rashguard. 
Wear the Wrap Top Rashguard out and about! From pool to dinner, this style is ready for any occasion! We’ve seen customers wear their rashguard all day everyday, even when they’re not going to the pool. So whether you’re headed to hot yoga or just need a cute top for dinner, you can’t go wrong with this Wrap Top Rashguard! 
The Wrap Top Rashguard is available for all ages! We currently offer a Wrap Top Rashguard for Women + Youth + Minis as well as a Rashguard Top for Youth + Minis! So no matter your age, you’re sure to look good and have even more time under the sun rocking your rashguard. Keep your whole crew covered no matter where water adventures take you. Pro tip for our mama’s: dressing your littles in a Wrap Top Rashguard means less sunscreen! 🙌🏼  Just be sure to get their face + legs!
It’s exciting to get our Wrap Top Rashguards into your hands! We can’t wait for you to put them on, they are as amazing as you think! So what do you think?! Will the Wrap Top Rashguard find it’s way to your swimmer stash?? If you’ve already given the Wrap Top Rashguard a whirl, tell us below why you love it!
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