Up Close Look: The Tote

Up Close Look: The Tote - Kortni Jeane
The Tote is made to play! We have been giddy over this ultimate beach bag since day one and are already packing it up for every adventure! Not only do they give us all the heart eyes, but they will hold everything you could possibly need for the pool, the beach, boating, and so much more. Today we’re coming at you with an up close look at our dreamy beach bag with six reasons why you should make The Tote your go-to bag for every adventure! 
Nice and Big 
Say hello to the bag that will hold ALL your things {and we mean ALL}! Whether you’re packing for yourself or the whole family, this bag is ready! From towels to a change of clothes to water bottles, this bad boy is the perfect size and will hold just about everything! Give it a whirl and let us know how many things you fit inside! 
Water Resistant
Raise of hands if you love a good water resistant bag 🙋🏼‍♀️ Us too! Nothing beats bags that protect your electronics, coverups, and diapers from the water. Just keep this baby zipped up tight and those surprise water gun attacks or cannonball waves won’t do your things any harm! 
Washer-Dryer Friendly
As soon as you’re done with your adventure, empty your Tote and throw it right in the washer. The Tote is made from washer-dryer friendly material, making it the perfect bag for mamas, travelers, and business owners alike. No matter what spills or messes are made, The Tote is easy to clean and ready to go for the next adventure. 
Pockets on Pockets on Pockets!
If you’re a bag lady like us, you know bags can never have enough pockets! The Tote has got you covered with four open pockets around the outside of the bag as well as one in the very front with a zipper closure. These are perfect for holding water bottles, wipes, or your phone for easy access. Then take a peek on the inside to find one last pocket with another zipper closure, perfect for keeping your wallet + keys safe and put away from the outside world. 
Zipper Closure! 
Once you’ve filled your Tote with towels, snacks, and everything else you need, zip it shut to keep everything secured! Even if you have to slam on your brakes on the way to the beach, the zipper closure will keep your things from spilling out all over your car. Or if your littles try to dump the bag out, they won’t be able to with that zipper secured. Yes please! 
Currently comes in THREE dreamy prints! 
Like your swimmers, the Tote is made to mix n’ match according to your personality! Check out the colors we have available now:
  • Classic + bold Beach Stripe. This Tote has a pink background with red and beige stripes. You’ll love the way this print is ready to take all your things beachside.
  • Dainty + beautiful Daisy. This print has a warm orange background with white daisies and green + yellow accents. And just look at that yellow strap! Talk about a ray of sunshine!
  • Subtle + unique In the Pool. With a light blue background and a grey strap, you’ll love the little people floating their way across your Tote. This fun bag just screams “take me to the pool” and will hold all the things you’ll need while you’re there.

    Make this dreamy beach bag yours and take it along for every adventure, worry-free! What better way to carry all your favorite essentials? We’re already gearing up for warm days and adventures all summer long! Which reason sold you on snatching up a Tote of your own?? If you haven’t taken the plunge quite yet, which color will you snag? Let us know below! 
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