Up Close Look: Splashers

Up Close Look: Splashers - Kortni Jeane
Splashers are taking mix n’ match to a new level and we can’t get enough of it! Just feast your eyes on these unique, stylish, and oh so dreamy floatation devices made just for your minis. These new additions to our lineup took two years in the making and have been an instant hit! We are elated to get them into your hands and even more excited to see you loving them as much as we do! If you haven’t jumped into our Splashers yet, take a look at why we love them:
These bad boys are made for children 30-50 pounds and have a mom-approved easy on - easy off design. Splashers were designed with shoulder straps so it stays on your little without slipping out, giving mini and mom even more security during their water adventures. Splashers buckle in the back with an added security safety buckle, making sure the buckle can’t just pop apart. The back strap is adjustable, making it easy to fit your mini comfortably and safely. In order to help your little keep a stable position in the water, Splashers are designed with body + arm wings that fit securely around their chest + mini biceps💪🏼 
But wait, there’s more! Splashers are a mama’s dream because they’re easy to keep clean! You can rinse, hang dry {out of direct sunlight} and even use a damp cloth on stains. To keep them looking new and fresh, we’ve made sure our Splashers are KJ Stain Stick approved. So say goodbye to juice, grass, and other stains that would ruin the cutest floaties around. As of now, you can snag Splashers in six unique and dreamy prints + colors: Daisy, Leopard, Beach Stripe. Charcoal Grey, Green Stripe and Blue Stripe Tie-Dye! 
Our Splasher is a floatie to help kids stay upright in the water but it is not a life-saving device. The Splasher is designed so wearers can put themselves in a face-up position but will not turn an unconscious wearer face-up. As our Splasher is not coast guard certified and it is not recommended for use during recreational water activities such as boating. 
We want to remind everyone that Splashers are not a life saving device. Our hope is that your children can become good and confident swimmers, so Splashers have been created for short term use only. Confidence comes through you as parents when you GET IN THE WATER! Getting in the water with your child is the best thing you can do for their safety, with or without floaties. Remember that no device takes the place of teaching proper water safety to children.
While our Splashers can help kids feel confident and comfortable in the water while swimming under adult supervision, parental supervision is required while being worn. Splashers and other floatation devices should only be used when appropriate and an adult needs to be present to supervise. 
Splashers are not a replacement for swim lessons and will not teach your child proper swimming techniques. We highly encourage all parents to start swim lessons at an early age and are advocates for teaching {and often reminding} children of proper water safety! Please do your research and start teaching your children. Swim lessons will teach your children how to float on their back, how to prevent swim exhaustion, and reduce the risk of drowning as they grow. Proper water safety is of utmost importance for children’s safety. We highly encourage all parents to do their research on these things. 
We hope we can continue as a community to encourage and remind one another of water safety for children and keep such an important subject as a focus here at Kortni Jeane. We want to do our part to create awareness to parents on proper water safety for our children. Splashers are here to help your mini’s gain confidence in the water but they need YOU to stay safe. Like our swimmers these bad boys are playful, functional and totally unique so don’t hesitate to make them yours! Floaties have never looked so good and we’re here for it! 
If you have questions about our Splashers, please comment below or send and email to hello@kortnijeane.com so we can best assist you. Thank you for being here and stay tuned for more mix n’ match fun!  
Kortni + Team 


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