Up Close Look: Current KJ Lineup!

Up Close Look: Current KJ Lineup! - Kortni Jeane
Oh baby BABY! You know we love when you mix + match across collections, but we need to see more of your creative combos! With Unapologetically You and Summer Nights hot for the taking, how can you resist?! Not only do we have a variety of styles to choose from, but feast your eyes on our current colors + patterns! KJ has never looked oh so good for summer! 
Cockatiel - how fun is this print?! It’s so playful, still sophisticated, and has unique tones of green, pink, white, and even orange! 
Evergreen - your swimmer stash NEEDS this gorgeous solid green! It’s as dreamy as can be!
Hibiscus - this year’s bright + bold pink that is so pretty and so fun! 
Sunshine - Summer’s official print! Enjoy a yellow background with bold bright suns! 
Vibrant Leopard - say hello to the highly anticipated animal print of the season! 
Dainty Floral - so much fun detail with so many fun colors, making it easy to pair with every solid!
Eclipse - peachy orange background with dreamy light bursts + tiny stars, works as a solid or a neutral!
Moon - say hello to black swimmers with a twist: light moons + bright neon yellow stars! 
Ribbed Pan Gold - oh so soft ribbed fabric in the prettiest gold shade!
We’re all over these colors + prints, no joke they work so well with EVERYTHING! And with a wide range of styles and hundreds of options to choose from we’ve got the right swimsuit for YOU! And remember, don’t change your body for the swimsuit, get the swimsuit to fit the body you’ve already got! 🔥 which print + color is your favorite? What will you mix + match next?!
Kortni + Team 


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