Tween Christmas Gift Guide 2018

tween girl christmas gift guide
Sometimes tween girls can be the trickiest to shop for! Unless you're their age, it's just a guessing game as to what is trendy or not, am I right?! No worries! We've collected some of our favorite companies + products that will for sure be a hit this Christmas!
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kortni jeane tween kortni jeane backpack primally pure chapstick made by mary rings our hei day fawn design fawny pack simple + blush thread wallets lauren jaymes presets Loopy Phone Case maskara beauty lip + cheek kit roolee kids jumpsuit 
3.Primally Pure Lip Balm Set $18 ( use code KORTNI for 10%off your first order!)
10. Loopy Cases Loopy Original in White Marble $39 (use code  KORTNI10 for a discount!)
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These are my favorite!

Jessica Higginson December 11, 2018

Wow, love these ideas for gifts. Tweens can be so hard to shop for but these ideas could be for all personality types. LOVE IT.

Lexisags December 11, 2018

OMG!!! Such cute Ideas thanks for sharing!!!! You little boy is adorable I love seeing pics and vids on your story!!!! (Please post more of him

Katie Beth December 11, 2018

All of these ideas are perfect! I mean the fawny pack! I neeeeed that!

Lilly December 10, 2018

Ummm I’m 24 but I’ll call myself a tween if I get these gifts for Christmas hahaha

Jordi H December 10, 2018

These are really AWESOME tween ideas! You seriously can’t go wrong with a swimmer or the thread wallets!

Cydney Merritt December 10, 2018

I don’t have any tweens to shop for but I feel like most of these would be great gifts for me 😆

Kortney Emanuelson December 10, 2018

Great gift ideas!

Jackie Sanchez December 10, 2018

Love all the suggestions and awesome ideas!

Magen December 10, 2018

All of your stuff is amazing!

Izzy sulz December 10, 2018

Never thought to gift presets!! Such a unique gift idea!

Katelyn December 10, 2018

I really want to try Primally Pure, you’ve convinced me

Sarah December 10, 2018

All these gifts are awesome! It’s always a struggle to find good gifts for tween girls!

Kaitlyn Nardi December 10, 2018

Such cute stuff!!!

Erin Del Toro December 10, 2018

These are adorable gifts! My little cousin would be so excited!

Emily December 10, 2018

Perfect! I needed ideas for my tween and this helped so much. It can be a tough age to buy for!

Katrina December 10, 2018

I’m done Christmas shopping so give me all the goodies!!

Jennifer December 10, 2018

Soooo many cute ideas!

Jenna December 10, 2018

Soooo many cute ideas!

Jenna December 10, 2018

Soooo many cute ideas!

Jenna December 10, 2018

Soooo many cute ideas!

Jenna December 10, 2018


Kali Hamilton December 10, 2018

This is a perfect guide for my little sister!!

Sarah December 10, 2018

Love the Maskara suggestion. Wouldn’t have thought of that! And the hair ties…so cute!

Olivia December 10, 2018

these are so cute!! I love that jumpsuit! I may or may not shop for myself with these 😅 Thank you for the ideas!!

Harmony Perry December 10, 2018

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