To All the Single Ladies + Gents

To All the Single Ladies + Gents - Kortni Jeane
Being single is awesome! Amiright?! Not only do you get to have fun on your own dime and time, but it’s a great time of life to be YOU! Today we’re celebrating all our lovely single ladies + gents and the power of singledom. We hope you think being single is a great experience as much as we do cause it’s definitely a time to be celebrated. 
Celebrate Spontaneity
So you want to get a pet: no one is stopping you! {except maybe your landlord… so maybe it’s time to move too?} So you’ve always wanted to write a book: you could make that happen! So you’ve always wanted to live abroad: when and where are you going?! The point is, celebrate how you can make snap decisions and enjoy them! The only feelings that matter here are your own {and maybe your finances}! Why would you wait to do these things you’ve always wanted to do? Don’t wait! Get that pet, write your book, and live abroad!
Celebrate Your Accomplishments
Whether it’s to yourself, your friends, or family, take time today to recognize all you have done with your life! You worked hard to get where you are and you deserve recognition, at the very least from yourself. You took precious time and energy to get this far and we applaud you for all you’re doing! 
Celebrate Life Long Learning
You may be busy with your own business, dream job, or world exploration, but celebrate the time you spend educating and entertaining yourself. Whether you're drawn to books, podcasts, or movies/shows, you have a unique lifestyle that gives you a chance to dive headfirst into it all! If you haven’t had the chance to dive into a series or podcast channel, start now! Or on the same note, if there’s a hobby you’ve been dying to try {like yoga or knitting} stop stalling and do it already! Celebrate how life is all about your own development and really find your thing.
Celebrate All Relationships
Take time to celebrate the time you spend with those who matter the most! Romantic relationships come and go, but friends and family are often around for A LOT longer. When we’re single, we open the doors for all kinds of relationships that are fulfilling and lasting! We love spending quality time with friends, co-workers, and even gracing new social circles to make new friends. Celebrate these relationships and you’ll never regret not having spent enough time with those that really matter to you.
Celebrate Staying Out + Sleeping In
No one waiting at home means staying out as late as you want or sleeping in without fear of someone waking you up before you’re ready. This kind of lifestyle doesn’t last forever so live it up and enjoy it! Stay out as late as adventures take you. Sleep until the afternoon and watch shows all day. No one will know!
Celebrate Yo’ Self
We hope you love yourself entirely and take today to treat yourself like you’re the most important person in the universe {because you are!} Do the things that fill your soul or buy yourself the things you’ve been saving up for! Treat yourself to anything from fashion to a fine dining experience to fancy toys. Buy a plane ticket for a solo getaway to a place on your bucket list (or better yet, your live list!) Traveling alone is an incredibly rewarding experience. Go someplace you’ve never been and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have.
Celebrate Being Alone
There can be hard days in our singledom when we feel “lonely” but that is very different from being alone! Learning how to be independent in your own thoughts and situations is so important {and an experience that many people never really have!} Being alone will let you be comfortable in most situations and proves to yourself that you don’t need to rely on others for your happiness. This is the time to get to know yourself and really connect with your values + thoughts. How cool is that?!
Celebrate the Future
Whether you’re working hard, playing hard, or doing it all at just the right amount, celebrate and reflect on your choices + yourself. Are you happy with what you did today? Don’t criticize yourself too harshly but definitely keep your life in line with what you love + want! It’s important to let reflections guide you so you don’t get stuck in a rut or doing something you don’t enjoy. 
What better ways to celebrate being single?! Do whatever you want {not because you’re selfish but} because you are at the time of life where you can! Figure out what it is you want from your life and go do it! Enjoy being single and take advantage of opportunities that come your way by saying YES! What are you celebrating about your singledom today?? Let us know below! 
Kortni + Team


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