Tips for Making New Year's Resolutions

Tips for Making New Year's Resolutions - Kortni Jeane
Start the New Year strong! With the promise of a fresh start, it’s a perfect time to reflect and look for ways to make positive changes in your life! But let’s face it - keeping resolutions and goals can seem overwhelming at times. We’ve got your back! Here are 5 tips for making and sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions for 2024!
Tip #1: Be Specific & Realistic
To help you have the best year yet, make sure your resolutions are specific and achievable. For example, if your resolution is to save money, rather than just “save money” , something like “save $50 per paycheck” gives you more direction! It’ll be easier to see the progress of your resolutions, and how you have achieved them.
Tip #2: Baby Steps = Big Wins
If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of resolutions, try breaking them down into manageable steps. Start small and build up those habits over time! Want to learn a new language? Start with simple phrases or learning a few words daily! Small victories add up over time and will keep you motivated!
Tip #3: Have an Accountability Buddy
Don’t be afraid to share your resolutions with family and friends! Having a support system can make all the difference! 
Tip #4: Celebrate Your Progress
Celebrate all your small victories throughout the year! Take the time to acknowledge and look back on how far you have come! Create a progress chart, or write down your wins in a notebook or journal! 
Tip #5: Embrace Flexibility
Things don’t always pan out perfectly, plans change, and life happens. If your resolutions aren’t going as you would have hoped, don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Adjust things as needed, and keep going! Progress is more important than perfection! 
A new year can feel like a blank canvas, with so many new and exciting possibilities! Take a few minutes and write down your hopes and resolutions for the year! With these tips, we know success will come your way! Here’s to 2024 and a more fabulous you!
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