This is Halloween!

This is Halloween! - Kortni Jeane
It’s October witches! To say we’re obsessed with October and all things Halloween would be an understatement💀 So naturally we celebrate hard with so many fun things planned for the entire month! From costume contests to scary movies, we always go all-in for the entire month. Not sure you’re convinced?? Take a look at why we look forward to spooktober every single year and why Halloween is NUMBER ONE! 
Kortni Jeane Halloween Costume Contest
Every year we are giddy about our ultimate costume contest! How does it work? Using your Kortni Jeane swimmer, everyone creates their best Halloween costume + posts it using #kortnijeanehalloween for the chance to win the grand prize! We are always blown away over all the entries we receive each year so make sure you participate this year! If you’ve got it, haunt it! 
Name another day when you get to dress up as something funny, scary, or just plain ol’ punny? Halloween is the one time in our lives that we get to come up with our favorite costume {or if you’re like Kortni, come up with 4-5 costumes} and dress up for work, parties, or just for fun! The best part?! You can totally dress up all month long! No one will even question it as soon as Halloween is on the brain. When your costume ideas are just that good, why wouldn’t you?
Count us in! You just can’t beat a solid Halloween party! We’re talking cute decorations {or scary, either works!}, spooky food, Halloween jams, you name it! Halloween parties are unlike any other and can be held at any time of the month! From costume contests, scary movies, or Halloween themed games, you can do whatever you want, the skies the limit! Parties in October are a GOOD TIME! 
Chances are you’re “too old” to trick or treat {who put an age limit on these things anyway?} but man, those were the days! Dressing up, knocking on doors, and demanding treats from neighbors is the best! Luckily as adults we don’t have to work nearly as hard to get candy - just a quick trip to the grocery store. Say goodbye to trading away the candy you don’t like cuz chances are you’ll be buying your favorites! So treat yourself and indulge in your favorite candy this October. 
While we’re on the topic of food, October means treats are about to get real. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll see pumpkin flavored drinks, bread, cookies, pies, you name it! There’s nothing like pumpkin spiced anything to get  you in that fall mood. Plus there’s nothing cuter than a pumpkin, big or small. WE LOVE PUMPKINS! They're perfect for picking {at a pumpkin patch}, eating, decorating, carving, you name it. So embrace the pumpkin everything with us for a great Spooktober! 
No matter your personality, you can decorate for October YOUR WAY! Spooky or fun, cute or sophisticated, minimal or all out, the possibilities are endless. Litter your porch with pumpkin, throw in fake cobwebs + spiders, buy a full blown blow up lawn figure! There are so many ways you can decorate for the month and the inspiration on social media is unlimited. We personally love anything spooky and love creeping people out as they walk by. Nothing beats Spooktober decorations. 
Getting Spooked
Hear us out, getting spooked is SO FUN! The feeling of being watched, floors creaking, things jumping out at you… all the classic feelings of being scared, we’re here for it! And you could get this fun feeling from just about anywhere: roller coasters, haunted houses, scary movies, even trick or treating! There’s nothing like being “fun” scared and we can’t wait to get started. 
Scary Movies
Speaking of getting scared, we LOVE scary movies! While you can always watch scary movies throughout the year, there’s something about watching horror in October that is so much better! It’s totally acceptable, encouraged, and way more fun than you think it will be. We want ghosts, murderers, creepy children, and spooks in movies during Spooktober, and why not?! To really get in the Halloween spirit, turn off all the lights, grab your favorite snacks, and put on a scary movie with your friends {you know, so you’re not jumping and screaming alone}. You’re bound to have a good time and can always watch a Disney movie afterwards if needed. 
The Weather
Summer sunshine is always a good time, but have you seen the colors of autumn and felt that crisp fall air? We’re talking orange, red, yellow, and even pink leaves that start in the trees then litter the ground. They are so fun to jump in and crunch beneath your feet. Don’t even get us started on the smell of fireplaces or bonfires as the cold starts to set in. Oh! That fall weather means snuggling into your favorite sweaters and blankets, wearing your coziest socks, and enjoying the feeling of fall. 
Be You
Spooktober is the perfect time for you to express and embrace yourself. Who cares what other people think?! If you want to dress up as something scary or strange, go for it! If you want to dress up as your favorite fictional character (one that literally no one else knows about), then you get to answer questions about it all night! If you LOVE pumpkin everything, then eat it up without a second thought! If you love decorating with non-spooky things, no one’s stopping you! This is your chance to have fun and be you. Embrace your inner weirdness and just let everyone see it. If you can’t be yourself during Spooktober, then when? {Oh wait, everyday!!} 
Are you sold on Spooktober yet?! From costumes to parties and food to weather, there’s something for everyone during the best month of the year. Make the most of your October by joining us in spooky celebrations! And if you’re not into spooks, there’s plenty of cute and wonderful things about fall to enjoy, so don’t hesitate to jump in on the fun! Why do you love October?! Comment below so we can see! 
Kortni + Team


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