#TheKJWomanIsGood // Lover Lees

#TheKJWomanIsGood // Lover Lees - Kortni Jeane
For the past few years I've really focused on a few key things... 1) How to completely and whole heartedly love myself. 2) How to completely and whole heartedly love others.
It's easy to critique yourself... picking at every flaw... every crease... every downfall. We put ourselves in this box of judgment saying things like, "I'll be happy when I lose 10 lbs... I'll love myself when I reach my goal... I'll feel better once I fit into these jeans." Why is there always a "when?" What if you chose to just love yourself NOW?
Our bodies, our minds, our action are in a constant state of change. You're not the same as you were yesterday, and you won't be the same tomorrow. But each state, change, phase, or stage is SO beautiful. After I had my twins I had to really grasp onto these words. Like HOW is this post twin body (that still looks nine months pregnant.. except squishy) beautiful?! I had to dig deeper than what I saw in the mirror. I slowly started to see the beauty that lived inside me and needed to be recognized. The beauty of a body that created life. That could feed and sustain two lives. A body that could breathe and walk and support me. And once I saw that beauty, it was like it overflowed outward and I was able to see the beauty on the outside too. 
I'll tell you right now that the "I'll be happy when..." is a trap! When I finally lost my baby weight there were a flood of new "whens" that just poured right in. It just confirmed my thoughts of being happy NOW! 
It's funny how my focus on loving myself, completely and effortlessly made me love others too. My two goals just went seamlessly hand in hand. Because once I was able to see the beauty in myself, I could immediately see the beauty in everyone around me. It was like someone flipped a switch and each person I saw had their own special light that was so unique and SO beautiful.
That is why I started my #yourespecialandhereswhy game on Instagram. Because I didn't just want to see the beauty in others... I wanted to share it. I wanted to help others to see the beauty in themselves.
So whatever stage you are in right NOW... LOVE IT!


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